Web Services Resource Access Current Status

This page summarizes the relationships among specifications, whether they are finished standards or drafts. Below, each title links to the most recent version of a document.

Completed Work

W3C Recommendations have been reviewed by W3C Members, by software developers, and by other W3C groups and interested parties, and are endorsed by the Director as Web Standards. Learn more about the W3C Recommendation Track.

Group Notes are not standards and do not have the same level of W3C endorsement.



Web Services Enumeration (WS-Enumeration)

This specification describes a general SOAP-based protocol for enumerating a sequence of XML elements from a SOAP enabled information source.


Web Services SOAP Assertions (WS-SOAPAssertions)

This specification defines two WS-Policy assertions that can be used to advertise the requirement to use a certain version of SOAP in message exchanges.


Web Services Eventing (WS-Eventing)

This specification describes a protocol that allows Web services to subscribe to or accept subscriptions for notification messages.


Web Services Fragment (WS-Fragment)

This specification extends the WS-Transfer specification to enable clients to retrieve and manipulate parts or fragments of a WS-Transfer enabled resource without needing to include the entire XML representation in a message exchange.


Web Services Metadata Exchange (WS-MetadataExchange)

This specification defines how metadata associated with a Web service endpoint can be represented as resources, how metadata can be embedded in endpoint references, how metadata could be retrieved from a metadata resource, and how metadata associated with implicit features can be advertised.


Web Services Transfer (WS-Transfer)

This specification describes a general SOAP-based protocol for accessing XML representations of Web service-based resources.


Web Services Event Descriptions (WS-EventDescriptions)

This specification describes a mechanism by which an endpoint can advertise the structure and contents of the events it might generate.

Obsolete Specifications

These specifications have either been superseded by others, or have been abandoned. They remain available for archival purposes, but are not intended to be used.



Web Services Resource Transfer (WS-RT)

Obsolete; replaced by WS-Fragment.