Business address for W3C, Inc.

World Wide Web Consortium, Inc. 
401 Edgewater Place, Suite 600 
Wakefield, MA 01880 

Phone: +1.339.273.2711

Membership questions

If your organization is not a W3C Member, please visit our "why join" page. You may send questions to

If your organization is a W3C Member, please refer to the Member Web site for assistance. Direct questions about wire payments for W3C Membership to

W3C Members

See the list of W3C Members.

Interview requests

Please see contact information for the Press and how to request an interview. You may send questions for our Communications team to

International liaison questions

Please see information about liaisons. You may send questions to

Technology questions

If you have a question about a specification or technology, please have a look at specification reviews and public feedback. You may also wish to contact a W3C group or someone on the W3C staff with a technical question. There are also a number of discussion lists.

Speak to someone

Use the list of W3C staff if wish to speak to someone with local expertise.

Give feedback on our website

If you have feedback on the W3C website, please submit each comment as GitHub issues. (If you are not able to use GitHub, please email, a publicly archived mailing list.)

If you found "" in the source of a page and are looking for the owner

Often people look in the source code of a web page for clues about who owns or created the page. Many pages on the web include mention of W3C; see our FAQ for an explanation. However, W3C did not create these pages unless they are on Furthermore, W3C cannot help you find who owns or created these pages.

If you encounter a technical problem using the W3C site

If you have technical problems with our site, please write to with a precise description.

If you don't know where to start

If, after reviewing the above, you are uncertain where to direct your question, please write to and we will direct you.

Regional W3C contacts