From time to time, the W3C Team publishes reports to draw attention to particular issues, capture shared understanding to identify future exploration, or to propose ideas for consideration. A curated list of such documents follows.

Like the former Team Submissions, these reports are not standards-track documents, but are meant to be useful to the community.

• AI & the Web: Understanding and managing the impact of Machine Learning models on the Web

13 March 2024

This document proposes an analysis of the systemic impact of AI systems, and in particular ones based on Machine Learning models, on the Web, and the role that Web standardization may play in managing that impact.

We are gathering input and feedback, preferably before 30 June 2024.

• Diversity report - 2023

19 July 2023

This annual report focuses on gender and geographic diversity in several of W3C governance bodies.

• W3C Strategic Highlights

22 April 2022

This report highlights recent work of enhancement of the existing landscape of the Web platform and innovation for the growth and strength of the Web.