Electronic Commerce Current Status

This page summarizes the relationships among specifications, whether they are finished standards or drafts. Below, each title links to the most recent version of a document.

Obsolete Specifications

These specifications have either been superseded by others, or have been abandoned. They remain available for archival purposes, but are not intended to be used.



W3C and Electronic Commerce

This document describes the current W3C activities related to Electronic Commerce for the purpose of assessing the Consortium's future role in ecommerce-related work. It presents the work within the W3C Electronic Commerce Activity and across all W3C Activities which are directly related  to Electronic Commerce. We expect this paper to serve as the basis for a discussion of W3C's role in ecommerce arena and, in particular, the future of the Electronic Commerce Interest Group.


Common Markup for micropayment per-fee-links

This specification provides an extensible way to embed in a Web page all the information necessary to initialize a micropayment (amounts and currencies, payment systems, etc). This embedding allows different micropayment electronic wallets to coexist in a interoperable manner.