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New translations into Swedish

These articles were translated into Swedish thanks to Olle Olsson.

New translations into Hungarian

These articles were translated into Hungarian thanks to Petra Csobanka.

New translations into German

These articles were translated into German thanks to Gunnar Bittersmann.

New translation into Spanish

Thanks to the Spanish Translation Team, Spanish Translation US, the article “Setting the HTTP charset parameter” has now been translated into Spanish.

New translation: Configurando o parâmetro HTTP da codificação de caracteres (charset)

Thanks to Rafael Zanella the article “Setting the HTTP charset parameter” has now been translated into Brazilian Portuguese (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

Ustawianie parametru charset HTTP

Thanks to the Tłumaczenia Dokumentów Team the article “Setting the HTTP charset parameter” has now been translated into Polish (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

Language tags in HTML and XML

Updated article

The IETF has just published a new specification describing how to construct language tags. The new RFC 4646, which replaces RFC 3066, with the new IANA Language Subtag Registry address a number of long standing issues with language subtags.

This article has been completely rewritten to provide a gentle introduction to how to construct language tags following the new rules.

Categories: Highlight, Update

Setting the HTTP charset parameter

Updated article

We have had over 220 feedback ratings on this article, including 23 comments. Based on this feedback, this document was reformatted and had some changes to content.

From the feedback responses it was very clear that non-developers coming across this page (and a few developers) were confused by it. Redirects and clarification about the content and intended audience have been added to address that.

The title was slightly changed from ‘The HTTP charset parameter’ to ‘Setting the HTTP charset parameter’, and there were some tweaks to the code samples.

Translators should consider retranslating the whole article.

Categories: Update

New article: Setting the HTTP Charset parameter

Read the article

Hints on sending out character encoding information using the HTTP charset parameter. Includes pointers on how to set up your server or send the appropriate header through scripting.

By Martin Dürst, W3C.

Categories: Articles, New resource

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