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Monthly Archives: April 2007


Updated Working Draft: Best Practices for XML Internationalization

Read the Working Draft

The Internationalization Tag Set Working Group has published an updated Working Draft of Best Practices for XML Internationalization. These best practices are a complement to the International Tag Set W3C Recommendation and are written for designers and developers of XML applications, XML content authors as well as users and translators. [search key: tr-i18n-html-tech-lang]

Editors: Yves Savourel, ENLASO Corporation, Diane Stoick, Boeing Corporation.

Categories: Highlight, New draft, Update

New Working Group Note: Specifying Language in XHTML & HTML Content

Read the Note

This document provides best practices related to the practical aspects of specifying language in XHTML/HTML content. Content authors can use these to ensure that their HTML is easily adaptable for an international audience. These best practices are best addressed from the start of content development if unnecessary costs and resource issues are to be avoided later on.

Editor: Richard Ishida.

Categories: Highlight, New resource

For review: Tagging text with no language

Read the article

Comments are being sought on this FAQ-based article prior to final release. Please send any comments to (subscribe). We expect to publish a final version in one to two weeks.

Categories: For review, Highlight

Updated article: An Introduction to Multilingual Web Addresses

Read the article

After some research and discussion, the section “Does it work?” was rewritten, with particular emphasis on domain names and phishing in browsers. Some text was also added about how registries deal with phishing.

There were also various changes to the section “Further Reading”.

Categories: Highlight, Update

New Recommendation: Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Version 1.0

Read the specification

The World Wide Web Consortium today released Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Version 1.0 as a W3C Recommendation. Creators of XML content can use the ITS set of elements and attributes to prepare schemas and documents for localization and to internationalize them for a global audience, whether you are creating a new schema or working with an established one. Implementations provided for DTDs, XML Schema and Relax NG can be used with new or existing vocabularies like XHTML, DocBook, and OpenDocument.

Categories: Highlight, New resource

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