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Monthly Archives: November 2006


Call for Participation: Third Workshop on Internationalizing SSML

Link to Call for Participation

Position papers are due 15 December (extended deadline) for the Third Workshop on Internationalizing the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) on 13-14 January 2007 in Hyderabad, India, jointly hosted by the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) and Bhrigus Software. Attendees will discuss improvements for using SSML to render under-represented languages including Arabic, Hebrew and the Indian languages Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarthi and Urdu. Visit the Voice Browser home page.

Categories: Highlight, Upcoming

New translation: ถาม-ตอบ: การใส่สไตล์โดยใช้ attribute lang

Thanks to ลาวัณย์ นันทโววาทย์ (Lawan Nuntavovat), WebStarThai, the FAQ-based article “Styling using the lang attribute” has now been translated into Thai (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation needed

New translation: Znaczniki w językach innych niż angielski

Thanks to the Tłumaczenia Team the FAQ-based article “Non-English tags” has now been translated into Polish (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation needed

New translation: การประกาศค่าการ encode ตัวอักษรใน CSS

Thanks to ลาวัณย์ นันทโววาทย์ (Lawan Nuntavovat) the FAQ-based article “CSS character encoding declarations” has now been translated into Thai (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation needed

Updated article: Language tags in HTML and XML

Link to article

Added a section, ‘Using the subtag registry’ to give basic advice on where and how to find the subtags.

Moved text about 2 or 3 letter ISO codes to the section on the language subtag. Changed the section title “Using language tags” to “Constructing language tags”.

Categories: Update

New Candidate Recommendation: Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) 1.0

Link to document

W3C is pleased to announce the advancement of Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Version 1.0 to Candidate Recommendation. Organized by data categories, the ITS set of elements and attributes supports the internationalization and localization of schemas and documents. Implementations are provided for DTDs, XML Schema and Relax NG, and can be used with new or existing vocabularies like XHTML, DocBook and OpenDocument. Comments are welcome through 10 December.

Categories: Highlight, New draft

New translation: การ encode ภาษา

Thanks to Lawan Nuntavovat the article “Character encodings” has now been translated into Thai (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation needed

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