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Monthly Archives: September 2011


Slides and IRC logs for Limerick MultilingualWeb workshop now available

The MultilingualWeb Workshop in Limerick was once more a success, thanks to the efforts of the excellent speakers and the local organizers, but also thanks this time to the participants themselves who enthusiastically took part in the Open Space discussion organized by TAUS. This will hopefully lead to some longer term initiatives, and most groups are already planning to continue their discussions in Luxembourg, next Spring. We had around 90 attendees.

The program page has now been updated to point to speakers’ slides and to the relevant parts of the IRC logs. Links to video recordings will follow shortly.

There will also be a page pointing to social media reports, such as blog posts, tweets and photos, related to the workshop. If you have any blog posts, photos, etc. online, please let Richard Ishida know ( so that we can link to them from this page.

A summary report of the workshop will follow a little later.

New translations into Hungarian

These articles were translated into Hungarian thanks to Petra Csobanka.

Just published: 1 new and 3 updated articles about language declarations in HTML

One tutorial and two articles have been updated, and a new article has been created from material that was moved out of the tutorial. The updates all involve major rewrites of the former text. These changes incorporate up-to-date information about how language declarations are handled in HTML5, and generally refresh and improve the previous material.

The new articles are:

 Working with language in HTML (tutorial)

 Why use the language attribute?

 Declaring language in HTML

 HTTP headers, meta elements and language information

All articles use a new HTML5-based template with additional change to the boilerplate code.

Registrations are filling up for the MultilingualWeb workshop in Limerick, 21-22 Sept.

Register now if you want to ensure that you get a place.

Participation in the workshop is free, but spaces are limited. We have another great program in place.

The keynote speaker will be Daniel Glazman, of Disruptive Innovations, and co-chair of the W3C CSS Working Group. He is followed by a strong line up in sessions entitled Developers, Creators, Localizers, Machines, Users, and Policy. On the morning of the second day Jaap van der Meer of TAUS will facilitate “Open Space” style discussion sessions, where workshop participants themselves will choose topics to discuss in several breakout groups.

There will be a dinner reception on the evening of 21 September (free of charge, workshop registrants only).

The MultilingualWeb workshops, funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the W3C, look at best practices and standards related to all aspects of creating, localizing and deploying the multilingual Web. The workshops are successful because they attracted a wide range of participants, from fields such as localization, language technology, browser development, content authoring and tool development, etc., to create a holistic view of the interoperability needs of the multilingual Web.

This workshop is co-located with the 16th Annual LRC Conference, and hosted by the LRC (Language Research Centre) and the University of Limerick.

We look forward to seeing you in Limerick!

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