Find W3C I18n resources

This page links to various types of resource available on the W3C Internationalization site, and some elsewhere, relating to Internationalization.

The following pages also point to subsets of this information, but are tailored to specific roles:

Content authors

Spec developers & implementers

Language enablement

Group participants

Current projects & news

Links to help you locate current topics of interest. See also the page Follow W3C Internationalization work for suggestions about how to follow the work.


Find WG Notes and articles intended to explain i18n concepts to content authors, spec developers, etc.

Educational resources

Techniques indexes provide a set of do's and don'ts for specific tasks, and links to further reading. These two indexes are the best developed.

The following links may also be useful, although they are less well developed.

Authoring SVGAuthoring XMLSetting up a serverDeveloping schemas

More links


Historic/obsolete documents

Language enablement

Mail archives

News feeds

The main news feed for the W3C Internationalization activity is the home page and the @webi18n mastodon and twitter channels. However there are some additional feeds listed at this link.

Practical how-to's

Useful explainers for group participants.

Related standards work


The Internationalization WG reviews specifications. These links relate to that activity.

Sponsorship Program

The W3C is looking to increase participation and funding so that we can expand our activity beyond the core work. For more information, see:


Presentations given by members of the Internationalization Working Group are linked from this page:


The i18n WG develops tests for international features, and contributes to the Web Platform Test Suite. It also makes available results for the tests.


Online utilities to help content authors.