Follow W3C Internationalization work

If you want to track the W3C Internationalization work, this page offers several alternatives.

Tracking announcements

The home page carries all the news postings. You can use links on the home page to search for specific news items by category, by date or by a straighforward search.

We also send out brief summaries of the news items on social media using the @webi18n handle. Find us on both Mastodon and Twitter.

@multilingweb is a historic Twitter feed highlighting information related to the MultilingualWeb program. It tended to have a bias towards language technology and linked data. Posts to the feed were suspended in 2017.

Tracking discussions

Most of the discussion occurs on GitHub issue lists. The list of groups should point you to relevant GitHub repositories, where you can elect to follow issues. You may prefer to follow the www-international mailing list, since it receives a daily digest listing GitHub activity related to internationalisation.

If you prefer weekly digests, you can join public-i18n-core mailing list.

A number of other mailing lists are also used, mainly to receive notifications about specific locales or topics, to support the internationalization work at W3C. The best way to find lists to follow is, again, to check the list of groups. The lists are all archived.

Categorized news feeds

These links provide lists of news items filtered by category. Click on the icon for RDF feeds.

Older news