How to engage with the i18n WG for assistance and reviews


  1. 'Spec WG' means a WG that is developing a spec that i18n will review, eg. the CSS WG, or Timed Text WG.
  2. Please touch the exhibits! Take a peek at the stuff behind the links as we go through. Most pictures link to a page, or a larger version of the picture.

When do we do reviews?

  1. Any time you have a question.
  2. FPWD !
  3. At least 3 months before CR.
  4. Why so long? Steps in a review:
    1. schedule the spec for review, taking into account other reviews and other work
    2. learn what the spec is about
      – the more examples the better!
      – tutorials and walk-throughs much appreciated
      – please describe/summarise algorithmic text alongside the algorithm
    3. read the spec and look for potential issues
    4. raise and discuss the findings internally to the i18n WG
    5. raise issues on the 'Spec WG' repo/email
    6. discuss, inform, wait, negotiate, track comments
      – this is often where the real work begins!

How do we find what needs reviewing?

  1. Addison (i18n WG Chair) tracks public-review-announce.
  2. People contact us.
    – please write to www-international, rather than contacting xfq or Addison!
  3. I18n WG folks track a few lists as individuals.
  4. PLH's milestones tracker

How to ask us to review a spec

  1. See the Request a review page, then raise a GitHub issue.
  2. You can find this from the i18n home page.

    Click on "Request a review", and follow the advice of the page you are taken to.

    i18n home page

  3. Don't just write to Addison or xfq, please.

The review radar

Doing a self-review

Lifecycle of an i18n spec comment

More on notifications

Take-aways for Chairs & Staff Contacts

  1. Encourage your group to do a self review around the time of the FPWD, then let us know the result.
  3. Use the i18n-tracker label to bring our attention to issues in your repo (but don't change the i18n-needs-resolution labels).
  4. Encourage your group to add examples and tutorials to the spec - they really help us review more effectively.
    We also welcome high level walk throughs, and may be able to accomodate those via telecons.
    And please add descriptions to algorithms, so we can get the gist quickly.
  5. Keep milestones up to date at
  6. If you can't remember how to contact us for review, remember that you can find it from the i18n home page at
  7. I added some links for i18n horizontal reviews to The Guide.

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