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Use this page to track projects that we are actively working on. For each work item, the page describes objectives as well as useful links and contact names.

Requirements Developer support Education & outreach
Lreq development Indexing, gap analysis, etc Reviews, discussion, advice Projects
  • Bring together experts, analyse gaps, and document requirements for support of text layout and local conventions.
  • For languages using the scripts listed below, identify and work to eliminate barriers for use on the Web and in eBooks.


GH repoissue summary


GH repoissue summary


GH repoissue summary


GH repoissue summary


GH repoissue summary

  1. get review of FPWD
  2. add further content


GH repoissue summary


GH repoissue summary

indic (s asian)

GH repoissue summary

  1. revitalise the work
  2. expand coverage of languages beyond Hindi
  3. add further content


GH repoissue summary


GH repoissue summary

  1. address outstanding issues
  2. publish new WD


GH repoissue summary

  1. support discussions on mongolian variants
  2. ask experts about requirements when needed and capture them

se asia

GH repoissue summary

  1. support discussions on mongolian variants
  2. ask experts about requirements when needed and capture them


GH repoissue summary

  1. Chunming to translate en to zh
  2. do initial review
  3. publish FPWD
  4. find Tibetan experts
  5. add content

index & repo


  • Maintain a typography index that points to typographic information relevant to the Open Web Platform for scripts and writing systems around the world.
  • Build the type-samples repository as a collection of images that illustrate typographic features in scripts from around the world.
  1. maintain pointers to info about reqs of non-latin scripts/languages
  2. add to type-samples repo


GH repo

  • Maintain a document that provides content authors with ready made templates for international counter styles.
  1. add new styling information as needed



  • Monitor and contribute to development of the document produced by the Digital Publishing WG on Latin script layout requirements.
  1. monitor and contribute to developments


radarissue tracker

  • Review specifications for W3C and other working group for internationalization issues.
  1. review docs on radar
  2. raise comments & discuss with WGs

adhoc topics

issue tracker

  • Respond to topics arising from emails or other communications on an adhoc basis.
  1. respond to requests for help.


GH repo

  • Capture guidelines for spec developers, to help them address internationalization needs.
  • Shape the guidelines so that they can be used for self-review.
  1. review & check guidelines
  2. promote collaborative use by WGs
  3. develop a higher level set of questions to point groups to the right parts of specdev


GH repo

  • Definitions of terms used in W3C internationalization documents.


test suite

  • Produce tests for i18n features of browsers, especially for upcoming CSS features. Add summaries of the results on latest UA versions. Develop notes on current implementation status.
  1. develop more tests as needed.
  2. update results as browser support changes.
  3. develop more articles like vertical text & ruby.

implementer support

test suitebug tracker

  • Assess and track implementations of i18n features, and offer advice to implementers.
  1. write ruby css tests, incl zhuyin
  2. support bopomofo ruby implementation
  3. help move dir isolation implementation forward
  4. encourage encoding spec completeness

string metadata

noteissue doctag discn

  • Develop requirements and best practices for handling language and direction with strings in plain text and JSON, data formats, etc.
  1. develop requirements and best practices
  2. discuss with stakeholders
  3. create a document with findings
  4. merge findings into specdev

time zones, etc.

GH repotz wikiftwiki

  • Produce guidelines about handling timezones and time-related features.
  1. distribute ft article for wide review
  2. publish

locales and locale-affected formats


  • Produce guidelines for working with locale-specific features in the Open Web Platform.
  1. review pros and cons of adapting date, number, etc formats to the language of the content in HTML
  2. develop a working paper to express our findings (Richard, Addison)
  3. find a final solution for the LTLI document


article pipelineissue trackerarticle list

  • Develop articles and tutorials to assist content authors and others to apply internationalization features in W3C standards.
  • See also the work on test development, which includes presenting results for various internationalization features.
  1. create new articles as needed
  2. apply maintenance fixes as feedback comes in

article redesign

  • Refresh the styling of i18n articles, simplify the structure, and enable people to get information quickly.
  1. add new checks
  2. localise
  3. add language detection component

edx courses

  • Provide support for i18n content and questions.
  1. provide support for i18n content
  2. help answer questions

i18n checker


  • Maintain the Internationalization Checker as part of the W3C validation suite.
  1. add new checks
  2. localise
  3. add language detection component


  • Represent W3C internationalization work at industry events and conferences.
  1. Unicode conf, Oct 2017
Track industry



  1. track developments

idn/iri/uri and eai


  1. track developments in this area
  2. revamp the article on IDN & IRI
  3. consider ways to contribute to raising awareness
  4. review the URL spec



  1. track developments



  1. track the Intl extension
Related community groups

ontolex cg


  • define an ontology lexicon model for the Web

sentiment cg


  • define a representation of sentiment information

ld4lt cg


  • define metadata for linguistic resources and (future) potential standardization of NIF



  1. create best practices for working with linguistic linked data
Former projects

ruby content model

draft notes

  • Develop a content model for ruby to replace Ruby Annotation, and underpin TTML, WebVTT and other formats wanting to add ruby support.
  1. Produce an initial draft.
  2. Internal review
  3. Wide review
  4. Publish Note