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ACTION-216 (edit) open STANDING ACTION: Ping winter list with documents needing review Addison Phillips 2013-12-31
ACTION-437 (edit) open Create article about the time zone proposal Addison Phillips 2015-04-30
ACTION-764 (edit) open Check if unicode describes backwards deletion clearly and develop doc if not Addison Phillips 2018-10-30
ACTION-797 (edit) open Start writing weekly summary of new/tracked issues Atsushi Shimono 2019-04-18
ACTION-802 (edit) open Reach out to JSON-LD 1.1 about base direction and I18N reviews Addison Phillips 2019-05-17
ACTION-806 (edit) open Work with richard on a template for fpwd request boilerplate Addison Phillips 2019-06-06
ACTION-823 (edit) open Add text to specdev in the language tags section explaining well-formed, validity, etc. Addison Phillips 2019-09-12
ACTION-825 (edit) open Reach out to css (chairs, xfq) and plh to discuss progress of specs in charter Addison Phillips 2019-09-12
ACTION-827 (edit) open Contact wendy reid regarding treatment of language in pub manifest Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-828 (edit) open Ask group to read string-meta and provide feedback Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-829 (edit) open Raise string-meta problem at chairs lunch Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-830 (edit) open Check with unicode about the status of bliss symbol encoding Addison Phillips 2019-09-23
ACTION-831 (edit) open Consider a proposal on title/meta for whatwg and report back David Clarke 2019-09-23
ACTION-832 (edit) open Check with Unicode ESC and UTC on CSS 337: can emoji be EA Width of Ambiguous Addison Phillips 2019-09-26

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