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ACTION-437 (edit) open Create article about the time zone proposal Addison Phillips 2015-04-30
ACTION-764 (edit) open Check if unicode describes backwards deletion clearly and develop doc if not Addison Phillips 2018-10-30
ACTION-925 (edit) open Update string-meta to include json-ld changes, etc. Addison Phillips 2020-07-09
ACTION-1017 (edit) open Send wpwg list of specs that implement lang/dir Addison Phillips 2021-04-22
ACTION-1031 (edit) open Document the state of payment-request Addison Phillips 2021-06-03
ACTION-1034 (edit) open Triage awaiting comment resolution items Addison Phillips 2021-06-24
ACTION-1039 (edit) open Propose pr for Richard Ishida 2021-07-01
ACTION-1048 (edit) open Create PR on webauthn with new metadata proposal Addison Phillips 2021-07-21
ACTION-1049 (edit) open Close open completed reviews Addison Phillips 2021-07-22
ACTION-1050 (edit) open Merge string-meta changes pending richard's review of the glossary changes Addison Phillips 2021-07-22
ACTION-1051 (edit) open File issues about domexception against webidl to add metadata and to provide for localizability Addison Phillips 2021-07-22
ACTION-1052 (edit) open Investigate glossary linking solutions, e.g. marcos's Richard Ishida 2021-07-29
ACTION-1053 (edit) open Make pr for charmod-norm with proposed additions to mustard and organizational updates to section 3.2 Richard Ishida 2021-07-29

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