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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-1 (edit) CLOSED Test issue 2010-12-06 0
ISSUE-2 (edit) CLOSED Why not using xml:lang? 2010-12-09 woff 0
ISSUE-3 (edit) CLOSED Why not using xml:lang? 2010-12-09 woff 0
ISSUE-4 (edit) CLOSED Language tag references 2010-12-15 woff 0
ISSUE-5 (edit) CLOSED Use of attributes for human readable text 2010-12-15 woff 0
ISSUE-6 (edit) CLOSED Localization mechanism too restricted 2010-12-15 woff 0
ISSUE-7 (edit) CLOSED Paragraphs and inline content 2010-12-15 woff 0
ISSUE-8 (edit) CLOSED Direction attributes needed 2010-12-15 woff 0
ISSUE-9 (edit) CLOSED OpenType feature preservation 2010-12-15 woff 0
ISSUE-10 (edit) CLOSED Use of case in bidi examples 2011-03-10 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-11 (edit) CLOSED Bidi algorithm boundaries 2011-03-10 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-12 (edit) CLOSED Direction property effect on inline-level 2011-03-10 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-13 (edit) CLOSED Incorrect U+XXX notation 2011-03-10 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-14 (edit) CLOSED Embed and block-level elements 2011-03-10 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-15 (edit) CLOSED Order of value descriptions 2011-03-10 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-16 (edit) CLOSED Describe value inherit 2011-03-10 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-17 (edit) CLOSED UTF-16 an invalid encoding in Polyglot Markup 2011-03-18 polyglot 0
ISSUE-18 (edit) CLOSED [css3-writing-modes] Character's intrinsic orientation ⓣ ⓒ 2011-03-23 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-19 (edit) CLOSED [css3-text] text-underline-position for Mongolian ⓣ 2011-03-23 css-text-decoration 0
ISSUE-20 (edit) CLOSED [css3-writing-modes] auto logical width in orthogonal flows ⓣ ⓒ 2011-03-23 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-21 (edit) CLOSED Working Group Decision on ISSUE-56 urls-webarch 2011-03-23 html 0
ISSUE-22 (edit) CLOSED [Bug 12279] [polyglot] Add section on http-equiv and HTTP 2011-03-23 polyglot 0
ISSUE-23 (edit) CLOSED [Bug 12278] [polyglot] i18n: Make lang and xml:lang required on the root element 2011-03-23 polyglot 0
ISSUE-24 (edit) CLOSED Bug 12935 - <rt> should not auto-close ancestors 2011-06-14 html 0
ISSUE-25 (edit) CLOSED Rendering bidi without a style sheet 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-26 (edit) CLOSED Please add support for rb 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-27 (edit) CLOSED Please add support for rb 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-28 (edit) CLOSED Please add support for rb 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-29 (edit) CLOSED ruby code samples 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-30 (edit) CLOSED Allow utf-16 meta encoding declarations 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-31 (edit) CLOSED What's the language of a document 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-32 (edit) CLOSED rlo and lro attribute values 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-33 (edit) CLOSED Add note about using bidi constructs in content 2011-06-20 0
ISSUE-34 (edit) CLOSED bdo element doesn't leave rendering up to presentation layer 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-35 (edit) CLOSED New attribute: ubi 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-36 (edit) CLOSED New dir attribute value: auto, and a new attribute: autodirmethod 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-37 (edit) CLOSED New attribute: submitdir 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-38 (edit) CLOSED New attribute: bidibreak 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-39 (edit) CLOSED U+2028 and U+2029 in textarea and pre elements 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-40 (edit) CLOSED U+2028 and U+2029 in dialog text 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-41 (edit) CLOSED Line breaks in textarea and pre elements 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-42 (edit) CLOSED Line breaks in dialog text 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-43 (edit) CLOSED Block-display elements should act as UBA paragraph breaks 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-44 (edit) CLOSED Block elements with display:inline should get ubi instead of default dir 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-45 (edit) CLOSED Default ignorable code points 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-46 (edit) CLOSED Title element should support and inherit dir attribute 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-47 (edit) CLOSED Title and alt attribute direction and two new attributes: titledir and altdir 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-48 (edit) CLOSED Option element should support the dir attribute and be displayed accordingly both in the dropdown and after being chosen 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-49 (edit) CLOSED Option element should support text-align CSS property and be displayed accordingly both in the dropdown and after being chosen 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-50 (edit) CLOSED Setting input and textarea element direction through browser UI should set the dir attribute and trigger oninput event 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-51 (edit) CLOSED On an OS that has a widespread UI convention for setting direction, user agent should support it on input and textarea elements 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-52 (edit) CLOSED When an input value is remembered, its direction should be remembered too 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-53 (edit) CLOSED List item marker display and position 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-54 (edit) CLOSED Location of user agent window's overall vertical scrollbar 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-55 (edit) CLOSED Location of an element's vertical scrollbar when it is not the user agent window's overall vertical scrollbar 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-56 (edit) CLOSED Script dialog text direction 2011-06-20 html 0
ISSUE-57 (edit) CLOSED UTF-16 BOM is required 2011-06-21 polyglot 0
ISSUE-58 (edit) CLOSED In-document declarations always useful 2011-06-21 polyglot 0
ISSUE-59 (edit) CLOSED BOM with utf-8 and/or utf-16 2011-06-21 polyglot 0
ISSUE-60 (edit) CLOSED Omit the either/or list 2011-06-21 polyglot 0
ISSUE-61 (edit) CLOSED Mention lang and xml:lang 2011-06-21 polyglot 0
ISSUE-62 (edit) CLOSED Case requirements 2011-06-21 polyglot 0
ISSUE-63 (edit) CLOSED Named entity references 2011-06-21 polyglot 0
ISSUE-64 (edit) CLOSED ployglot 2011-06-21 polyglot 0
ISSUE-65 (edit) CLOSED find() method case sensitivity 2011-07-04 contacts-api 0
ISSUE-66 (edit) CLOSED find() method sensitivity to Unicode normalization 2011-07-04 contacts-api 0
ISSUE-67 (edit) CLOSED Section 5 typo 2011-07-04 contacts-api 0
ISSUE-68 (edit) CLOSED explicit support for CHARSET attribute 2011-07-04 contacts-api 0
ISSUE-69 (edit) CLOSED Support for reading/phonetic/pronunciation fields 2011-07-04 contacts-api 0
ISSUE-70 (edit) CLOSED Support multiple family names 2011-07-04 contacts-api 0
ISSUE-71 (edit) CLOSED clarify culturally-linked references to name position 2011-07-04 contacts-api 0
ISSUE-72 (edit) CLOSED BOM as preferred encoding declaration 2011-07-22 polyglot 0
ISSUE-73 (edit) CLOSED Case sensitivity of lang 2011-07-22 polyglot 0
ISSUE-74 (edit) CLOSED Remove Content-Language meta from polyglot 2011-07-22 polyglot 0
ISSUE-75 (edit) CLOSED Section 11 is blank 2011-07-22 polyglot 0
ISSUE-76 (edit) CLOSED Clarify 'preferred name' for encodings 2011-07-22 html5-markup 0
ISSUE-77 (edit) CLOSED HTTP and defaulting to UTF-16LE 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-78 (edit) CLOSED Spellchecking in editors and sc services 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-79 (edit) CLOSED Multilingual q quote rendering 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-80 (edit) CLOSED Default rules for the quotes property 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-81 (edit) CLOSED Strip other line-terminators? 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-82 (edit) CLOSED Non-ASCII enumerated values 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-83 (edit) CLOSED Note about why Gregorian only used 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-84 (edit) CLOSED Representing BCE months 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-85 (edit) CLOSED Health warning about converting date to/from incremental time 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-86 (edit) CLOSED Option for 1 digit hour 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-87 (edit) CLOSED Leap seconds 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-88 (edit) CLOSED Local/floating date and time 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-89 (edit) CLOSED Time zones and local dates and times 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-90 (edit) CLOSED Typo: consisting of 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-91 (edit) CLOSED 15 minute time zones 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-92 (edit) CLOSED Time zone offset vs. time zone 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-93 (edit) CLOSED Implicit conversion to incremental time? 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-94 (edit) CLOSED Allowing culturally specific week rules 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-95 (edit) CLOSED Limitations and defaults for accept-charset 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-96 (edit) CLOSED Allowing for EAI 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-97 (edit) CLOSED Bug 17859 - Mechanism to enable localisation of form controls and other locale-specific data 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-98 (edit) CLOSED 13 month calendars 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-99 (edit) CLOSED Floating times for date and time 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-100 (edit) CLOSED Setting date or time fields with Olson id or GMT+/- 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-101 (edit) CLOSED Allow digit shaping for numbers 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-102 (edit) CLOSED Which path separator? 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-103 (edit) CLOSED Referring to Charmod in 2.1.6 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-104 (edit) CLOSED What additional requirement on character encodings? 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-105 (edit) CLOSED Compatibility caseless matching 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-106 (edit) CLOSED When the character cannot be encoded into the target encoding 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-107 (edit) CLOSED Replacement characters 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-108 (edit) CLOSED Encoding = Character encoding 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-109 (edit) CLOSED Use term 'space characters' 2011-07-22 html 0
ISSUE-110 (edit) CLOSED Contact information for meta extensions registry 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-111 (edit) CLOSED Why is lastModified format MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss? 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-112 (edit) CLOSED Should lastModified convey time zone info? 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-113 (edit) CLOSED Should lastModified convey time zone info? 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-114 (edit) CLOSED Document.defaultCharset 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-115 (edit) CLOSED Should Document.charset and Document.characterSet be harmonized? 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-116 (edit) CLOSED Setting and getting the direction of the title attribute 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-117 (edit) CLOSED Close definition of dir auto 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-118 (edit) CLOSED Explicitly unknown language 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-119 (edit) CLOSED Example of the language detection fallback mechanism 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-120 (edit) CLOSED Non-ASCII Unicode characters in data-* 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-121 (edit) CLOSED Concept of paragraphs 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-122 (edit) CLOSED Refer to UBA in 3.2.6 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-123 (edit) CLOSED Insertion of U+202C 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-124 (edit) CLOSED Wording on avoidance of Unicode control characters 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-125 (edit) CLOSED Changing encoding to utf-8 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-126 (edit) CLOSED Health warning about lang attribute in 4.1 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-127 (edit) CLOSED Exclusivity of name attribute 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-128 (edit) CLOSED Why is content-language non-conforming? 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-129 (edit) CLOSED Why is content language processing not equivalent to HTTP Content-Language? 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-130 (edit) CLOSED Health warning about no file-internal encoding in JS 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-131 (edit) CLOSED UTF-32 bom 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-132 (edit) CLOSED Pubdates on article 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-133 (edit) CLOSED In-document reference for Unicode bidi 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-134 (edit) CLOSED Non-normative nit 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-135 (edit) CLOSED List type list 2011-07-23 html 0
ISSUE-136 (edit) CLOSED Recognition of number formats in Number state 2011-07-27 html 0
ISSUE-137 (edit) CLOSED html5 bidi support should be normative 2011-07-27 html 0
ISSUE-138 (edit) CLOSED Make lang and xml:lang synonyms in HTML5 2011-07-27 html 0
ISSUE-139 (edit) CLOSED Multilingual q nesting 2011-07-28 html 0
ISSUE-140 (edit) OPEN Multilingual q nesting 2011-07-28 css-garc 0
ISSUE-141 (edit) CLOSED Mistake in entity assignments 2011-10-11 html 0
ISSUE-142 (edit) CLOSED complex ruby support 2011-11-01 html 0
ISSUE-143 (edit) CLOSED Bug 14470 - Microdata: Language handling 2011-11-16 html 0
ISSUE-144 (edit) CLOSED HTML5 is missing attribute for specifying translatability of content 2011-11-28 html 0
ISSUE-145 (edit) CLOSED text-transform: full-width explanation 2011-12-16 css-text 0
ISSUE-146 (edit) CLOSED [css3-lists] Description of ‘ethiopic-numeric’ counter style 2011-12-25 css-lists 0
ISSUE-147 (edit) CLOSED [css3-syntax] CSS escape sequences 2012-01-20 css-syntax 0
ISSUE-148 (edit) CLOSED Code-point length shouldn't be number of code units 2012-03-21 html 0
ISSUE-149 (edit) CLOSED Code point definition 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-150 (edit) CLOSED User agents must not support any other encodings or labels. 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-151 (edit) CLOSED This algorithm is different from the one defined in section 1.4 of Unicode Technical Standard #22 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-152 (edit) CLOSED New content and formats must exclusively use the utf-8 encoding 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-153 (edit) CLOSED Why aren't ASCII and latin1 encodings in the label list? 2012-03-21 encoding 0
ISSUE-154 (edit) CLOSED [Polyglot] "Clarify that xml:lang is optional" 2012-03-23 polyglot 0
ISSUE-155 (edit) CLOSED [Bug 16520] Don't indicate that XML MIME types *requires* xml:lang [HTML+RDFa] 2012-03-26 html 0
ISSUE-156 (edit) CLOSED Web Notifications: Directionality of a Notification 2012-04-12 notifications 0
ISSUE-157 (edit) CLOSED [css3-ui] 'ime-mode' feedback 2012-04-13 css-ui 0
ISSUE-158 (edit) CLOSED Bug 13113 - Parsing algorithm should not preclude Complex Ruby 2012-04-13 html 0
ISSUE-159 (edit) CLOSED Extend output or create a new element for injected text 2012-05-01 html 0
ISSUE-160 (edit) CLOSED Test 2012-05-21 0
ISSUE-161 (edit) CLOSED Language id missing from notifications 2012-06-27 notifications 0
ISSUE-162 (edit) CLOSED Make direction vs. Unicode conversion order consistent 2012-06-28 notifications 0
ISSUE-163 (edit) CLOSED Flexbox specification needs examples using different writing modes 2012-07-11 css-flexbox 0
ISSUE-164 (edit) CLOSED Flexbox specification unclear on determination of flex item's baseline. 2012-07-11 css-flexbox 0
ISSUE-165 (edit) CLOSED Add character encoding declaration to section 11 2012-07-12 polyglot 0
ISSUE-166 (edit) CLOSED isolate and direction property location 2012-07-25 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-167 (edit) CLOSED Example of Bidirectional Text ⓒ 2012-07-25 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-168 (edit) CLOSED Incorrect Japanese for nihongo in example 2012-07-27 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-169 (edit) CLOSED Do we need ruby-position: bopomofo-above ? 2012-07-31 css-ruby 0
ISSUE-170 (edit) CLOSED Support for nested markup 2012-07-31 css-ruby 0
ISSUE-171 (edit) CLOSED Support for complex ruby 2012-07-31 css-ruby 0
ISSUE-172 (edit) CLOSED Direction should be set on title and body separately 2012-07-31 notifications 0
ISSUE-173 (edit) CLOSED Bug 18397 - Encoding Sniffing Algorithm: Clarify what "information on the likely encoding" covers 2012-08-01 html 0
ISSUE-174 (edit) CLOSED Bug 18396 - Encoding Sniffing Algorithm: Add an XML check as a step zero 2012-08-01 html 0
ISSUE-175 (edit) CLOSED Bug 18394 - Encoding Sniffing Algorithm: parent browsing context defines encoding default 2012-08-01 html 0
ISSUE-176 (edit) CLOSED Bug 18395 - Encoding Sniffing Algorithm: Overrides apply to nested browsing contexts 2012-08-01 html 0
ISSUE-177 (edit) CLOSED Language declaration on example 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-178 (edit) CLOSED Reference IETF BCP 47 for language declaration 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-179 (edit) CLOSED Scope of document language label 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-180 (edit) CLOSED Various random character references should be more explicit 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-181 (edit) CLOSED Non-ASCII IRI example 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-182 (edit) CLOSED cultural relevance of examples 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-183 (edit) CLOSED Use of types questionable? 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-184 (edit) CLOSED Malformed escapes 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-185 (edit) CLOSED Line terminator assumptions 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-186 (edit) CLOSED Encoding of document vs. form of document? 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-187 (edit) CLOSED escape syntax 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-188 (edit) CLOSED special handling of % in IRI 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-189 (edit) CLOSED reference obs-language-tag instead of defining your own 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-190 (edit) CLOSED attempting to erase combining marks? 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-191 (edit) CLOSED Various nits in Appendix B 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-192 (edit) CLOSED referencing Unicode 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-193 (edit) CLOSED define when escapes are evaluated 2012-09-07 turtle 0
ISSUE-194 (edit) CLOSED Multiple sequential rt elements 2012-09-25 html 0
ISSUE-195 (edit) CLOSED No further ruby element descendants 2012-09-25 html 0
ISSUE-196 (edit) CLOSED Mono-ruby vs group ruby examples 2012-09-25 html 0
ISSUE-197 (edit) CLOSED Number of multiple rt elements 2012-09-25 html 0
ISSUE-198 (edit) CLOSED rt and rp elements 2012-09-25 html 0
ISSUE-199 (edit) CLOSED Examples of ruby rendered 2012-09-25 html 0
ISSUE-200 (edit) CLOSED Position of ruby 2012-09-25 html 0
ISSUE-201 (edit) CLOSED Katakana/hiragana list lettering ⓣ 2012-09-26 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-202 (edit) CLOSED [css3-writing-modes] before/after terminology alternative? ⓣ ⓒ 2012-09-26 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-203 (edit) CLOSED Use of rel values in HTML 2013-01-14 its 0
ISSUE-204 (edit) CLOSED Use of namespaces and HTML 2013-01-14 its 0
ISSUE-205 (edit) CLOSED Examples of html markup in section 6 2013-01-14 its 0
ISSUE-206 (edit) CLOSED Scope of translate and attributes ⓟ 2013-01-14 its 0
ISSUE-207 (edit) CLOSED Term data category and dfn element 2013-01-14 its 0
ISSUE-208 (edit) CLOSED Mapping domains to nothing 2013-01-14 its 0
ISSUE-209 (edit) CLOSED Implementation commitment 2013-01-16 its 0
ISSUE-210 (edit) CLOSED Whitespace in ruby example 2013-01-16 its 0
ISSUE-211 (edit) CLOSED Quote element in HTML 2013-01-16 its 0
ISSUE-212 (edit) CLOSED HTML5 in the ITS spec 2013-01-16 its 0
ISSUE-213 (edit) CLOSED its-term in example 44 2013-01-16 its 0
ISSUE-214 (edit) CLOSED directionality should be made normative, with informative additions 2013-01-16 its 0
ISSUE-215 (edit) CLOSED Parts of Ruby section should be removed 2013-01-16 its 0
ISSUE-216 (edit) CLOSED Locale filter note 2013-01-16 its 0
ISSUE-217 (edit) CLOSED Missing support for localizable items that are not translatable 2013-01-18 its 0
ISSUE-218 (edit) CLOSED General Considerations gets in the way 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-219 (edit) CLOSED Characters not suitable for use with markup 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-220 (edit) CLOSED Line / paragraph separators in pre, textarea, etc ⓟ 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-221 (edit) CLOSED Bidi controls need to reflect isolation changes in Unicode and HTML5 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-222 (edit) CLOSED 'Going beyond HTML for bidi' needs modification 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-223 (edit) CLOSED Note about bid markup and CSS versions 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-224 (edit) CLOSED Automatic removal of characters by browsers 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-225 (edit) CLOSED Update the BOM section 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-226 (edit) CLOSED Reference to ruby model 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-227 (edit) CLOSED Language tag characters and BCP 47 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-228 (edit) CLOSED Preferred alternate encoding may be substituted 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-229 (edit) CLOSED Format Characters Suitable for Use with Markup 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-230 (edit) CLOSED Format Characters Suitable for Use with Markup 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-231 (edit) CLOSED Characters with Compatibility Mappings 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-232 (edit) CLOSED Style properties for tate-chu-yoko 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-233 (edit) CLOSED Use of <i> in example 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-234 (edit) CLOSED Author vs implementer guidelines 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-235 (edit) CLOSED HTML5 reference needed 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-236 (edit) CLOSED Editorial comments wrt XHTML 2013-01-18 unicode-xml 0
ISSUE-237 (edit) CLOSED Preserve space and styling 2013-01-18 its 0
ISSUE-238 (edit) CLOSED Selecting attributes using local selection 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-239 (edit) CLOSED Selecting attributes using Selectors 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-240 (edit) CLOSED Bad example: Hard-coded coordinates 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-241 (edit) CLOSED Directionality section doesn't mention isolates 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-242 (edit) CLOSED Clarify case-insensitive match for domains 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-243 (edit) CLOSED Clarify filtering algorithm for locale filters 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-244 (edit) CLOSED Require recent version of Unicode 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-245 (edit) CLOSED Consider replacing Unicode block escapes with script escapes 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-246 (edit) CLOSED Clarify character encoding behavior when calculating storage size 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-247 (edit) CLOSED Clarify interpretation of line breaks when calculating storage size 2013-01-19 its 0
ISSUE-248 (edit) CLOSED terminology related to spaces 2013-02-01 css-text-decoration 0
ISSUE-249 (edit) CLOSED positioning of ruby and emphasis marks together 2013-02-01 css-text-decoration 0
ISSUE-250 (edit) CLOSED Vitruvian man 2013-04-05 html-longdesc 0
ISSUE-251 (edit) CLOSED Invalid content in longdesc ⓒ 2013-04-05 html-longdesc 0
ISSUE-252 (edit) CLOSED Figure 17 direction 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-253 (edit) CLOSED Figure 32 typos 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-254 (edit) CLOSED Parentheses and spaces in Fig 32 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-255 (edit) CLOSED CJK Compatibility ideographs 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-256 (edit) CLOSED Use of head and end inconsistent 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-257 (edit) CLOSED Questions about groups 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-258 (edit) CLOSED Arrows in 4.1.2 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-259 (edit) CLOSED Table rotation figure 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-260 (edit) CLOSED Hanja in figures 22 and 24 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-261 (edit) CLOSED Line head indentation 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-262 (edit) CLOSED Even Space Alignment 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-263 (edit) CLOSED Last Line of Paragraph Adjustment 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-264 (edit) CLOSED Who creates spaces? 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-265 (edit) CLOSED Word break restrictions 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-266 (edit) CLOSED Restrictions on Inter-Character Width Adjustment when Adjusting Lines 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-267 (edit) CLOSED Various clarifications needed 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-268 (edit) CLOSED Horizontal vs vertical in Fig 15 2013-05-22 klreq 0
ISSUE-269 (edit) CLOSED Inconsistent spacing 2013-05-23 klreq 0
ISSUE-270 (edit) CLOSED Line breaks and justification 2013-05-23 klreq 0
ISSUE-271 (edit) CLOSED Punctuation 2013-05-23 klreq 0
ISSUE-272 (edit) CLOSED Line leading 2013-05-23 klreq 0
ISSUE-273 (edit) CLOSED Vertical text requirements 2013-05-23 klreq 0
ISSUE-274 (edit) OPEN Status of 'rtlflip' vis-a-vis shapes 2013-07-18 css-shapes 0
ISSUE-275 (edit) CLOSED Digit 1 ⓒ 2013-07-22 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-276 (edit) CLOSED text-combine-horizontal:all id ⓒ 2013-07-22 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-277 (edit) CLOSED text-combine-horizontal:all, the element and any descendants ⓒ 2013-07-22 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-278 (edit) CLOSED Characters vs code points ⓒ 2013-07-22 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-279 (edit) CLOSED text-combine-horizontal & full/half-width characters ⓒ 2013-07-22 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-280 (edit) CLOSED Chinese remaining zeros 2013-07-24 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-281 (edit) CLOSED Problems with example 12 2013-07-25 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-282 (edit) CLOSED Problems with Ethiopic-numeric algorithm 2013-07-25 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-283 (edit) CLOSED 113,023 2013-07-26 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-284 (edit) CLOSED All negative capable 2013-07-26 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-285 (edit) CLOSED Hebrew number converter inadequate for numbers >= 1000 2013-08-04 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-286 (edit) CLOSED Standardizing on IDNA 2003 in the URL Standard ⓣ 2013-08-20 url 0
ISSUE-287 (edit) OPEN Figure 4 - combining diacritics 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-288 (edit) CLOSED Letterform differences 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-289 (edit) OPEN Blank in figure 7 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-290 (edit) OPEN Case and normalization heads up 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-291 (edit) OPEN Fantasy and playful 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-292 (edit) OPEN Synthesised cyrillic italics 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-293 (edit) OPEN Aspect value vs aspect ratio 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-294 (edit) OPEN Fonts available on platforms 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-295 (edit) OPEN U+ in unicode-range descriptor 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-296 (edit) OPEN Usable characters in unicode-range 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-297 (edit) OPEN Double slash before URI 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-298 (edit) OPEN To ensure or to insure, that is the question 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-299 (edit) OPEN Cluster matching 1b 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-300 (edit) OPEN ja-jp too verbose 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-301 (edit) OPEN Unicode reference 2013-09-12 css-fonts 0
ISSUE-302 (edit) OPEN Unclear reference to "value space" of language tags 2013-10-10 rdf 0
ISSUE-303 (edit) OPEN Incorrect note about language tag syntax 2013-10-10 rdf 0
ISSUE-304 (edit) OPEN mismatch between ref:langString and xsd:string types? 2013-10-10 rdf 0
ISSUE-305 (edit) OPEN UCHAR missing character literals? 2013-10-10 rdf 0
ISSUE-306 (edit) CLOSED reference to space character 2013-11-06 css-syntax 0
ISSUE-307 (edit) CLOSED Decoding (character encoding) instructions general observations 2013-11-06 css-syntax 0
ISSUE-308 (edit) CLOSED Definition of 'grapheme cluster' 2013-12-06 css-text 0
ISSUE-309 (edit) CLOSED Haphazard use of term 'character' 2013-12-06 css-text 0
ISSUE-310 (edit) CLOSED (editorial) consistency in refering to Unicode web site 2013-12-06 css-text 0
ISSUE-311 (edit) CLOSED Clarity of Arabic hyphenation example 2013-12-06 css-text 0
ISSUE-312 (edit) CLOSED (editorial) distribute keyword description 2013-12-06 css-text 0
ISSUE-313 (edit) CLOSED Definition of grapheme clusters ⓒ 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-314 (edit) CLOSED Line breaking and ruby 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-315 (edit) CLOSED Reference to line breaking in KLREQ 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-316 (edit) CLOSED Line breaking defaults 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-317 (edit) CLOSED Line breaking property and value names 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-318 (edit) CLOSED Tibetan line breaking & justification background info 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-319 (edit) CLOSED word-break 'according to usual rules' 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-320 (edit) CLOSED Example 6 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-321 (edit) CLOSED Naming of "start end" 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-322 (edit) CLOSED text-justify: auto should recommend international typographic accuracy 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-323 (edit) CLOSED Figures 3 to 5 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-324 (edit) CLOSED distribute -> inter-character 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-325 (edit) CLOSED expansion opportunity -> justification opportunity 2013-12-11 css-text 0
ISSUE-326 (edit) CLOSED Reference to Encoding spec 2013-12-19 css-syntax 0
ISSUE-327 (edit) CLOSED 'Fallback' encoding 2013-12-19 css-syntax 0
ISSUE-328 (edit) CLOSED Follow these steps 2013-12-19 css-syntax 0
ISSUE-329 (edit) CLOSED @charset has no effect on stylesheet?? 2013-12-19 css-syntax 0
ISSUE-330 (edit) CLOSED Tasmeem example not clear 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-331 (edit) CLOSED No kashida style or relationship to styles 'distribute' and 'inter-word' 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-332 (edit) CLOSED Lack of complete kashida description ⓒ 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-333 (edit) CLOSED 'letter-spacing' and Arabic 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-334 (edit) CLOSED 'letter-spacing' and Indic 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-335 (edit) CLOSED health warnings for when language not known ⓒ 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-336 (edit) CLOSED no local definition of "anonymous inline" (editorial) ⓒ 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-337 (edit) CLOSED line terminator handling ⓒ 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-338 (edit) CLOSED UAX14 reference (editorial) ⓒ 2014-01-23 css-text 0
ISSUE-339 (edit) CLOSED Should Japanese spec styles match implementations or vice versa? 2014-02-14 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-340 (edit) CLOSED [css3-background] Lack of "start" and "end" keywords 2014-02-20 css-background 0
ISSUE-341 (edit) CLOSED [css3-background] border-left-* and border-right-* 2014-02-20 css-background 0
ISSUE-342 (edit) CLOSED Range of upper-roman and lower-roman list-style-type 2014-03-07 html 0
ISSUE-343 (edit) CLOSED Type attribute on ol 2014-03-07 html 0
ISSUE-344 (edit) CLOSED Wording of section 7.4.4 Cursive Scripts ⓒ 2014-05-27 css-text 0
ISSUE-345 (edit) CLOSED Arabic Hyphenation ⓒ 2014-05-27 css-text 0
ISSUE-346 (edit) OPEN Section 5.2 use of %31 and %30 for characters 1 and 0 2014-05-29 tracking-dnt 0
ISSUE-347 (edit) OPEN Section 5.2: DNT-extension excludes should spell out control, space, double quote. 2014-05-29 tracking-dnt 0
ISSUE-348 (edit) OPEN Non-ASCII not permitted in extensions 2014-05-29 tracking-dnt 0
ISSUE-349 (edit) OPEN Section title for 6.2.7 doesn't match earlier description 2014-05-29 tracking-dnt 0
ISSUE-350 (edit) OPEN IRI/non-ASCII not permitted in 2014-05-29 tracking-dnt 0
ISSUE-351 (edit) OPEN Section 6.4.2: restriction to "URI-safe characters" 2014-05-29 tracking-dnt 0
ISSUE-352 (edit) OPEN normalization of custom property names 2014-05-29 css-variables 0
ISSUE-353 (edit) CLOSED Section 2.1 case sensitivity and normalization 2014-05-29 css-variables 0
ISSUE-354 (edit) CLOSED Questions about letter-spacing for Arabic script 2014-05-30 css-text 0
ISSUE-355 (edit) CLOSED Supporting files referenced rather than copied 2014-06-12 encoding 0
ISSUE-356 (edit) CLOSED Extra > in tcy example 2014-06-17 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-357 (edit) CLOSED FSI LRO ... PDF or LRI ... PDF ? 2014-06-20 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-358 (edit) CLOSED Arabic letters connecting between elements with display: inline ⓣ 2014-06-26 css-text 0
ISSUE-359 (edit) CLOSED Drop ruby-merge in favour of a specific jukugo value 2014-07-04 css-ruby 0
ISSUE-360 (edit) CLOSED Minus signs after the number 2014-07-04 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-361 (edit) CLOSED Padding works best where grapheme clusters are about the same width 2014-07-04 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-362 (edit) CLOSED Bullet in the document language 2014-07-04 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-363 (edit) CLOSED Handling speak-as for uncommon languages 2014-07-04 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-364 (edit) CLOSED Predefined Counter Styles link in References ⓟ 2014-07-04 css-counter-styles 0
ISSUE-365 (edit) CLOSED iso-2022-jp decoder feedback 2014-07-09 encoding 0
ISSUE-366 (edit) CLOSED Fix euc-kr 2014-07-09 encoding 0
ISSUE-367 (edit) CLOSED [survey needed] Perhaps support KOI8-RU instead of KOI-8 2014-07-09 encoding 0
ISSUE-368 (edit) CLOSED write security considerations 2014-07-09 encoding 0
ISSUE-369 (edit) CLOSED IANA transition 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-370 (edit) CLOSED IANA Character Sets registry ⓟ 2014-07-10 0
ISSUE-371 (edit) CLOSED Choice of encoding details 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-372 (edit) CLOSED Arithmetic Right Shift 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-373 (edit) CLOSED Chances of deployment 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-374 (edit) CLOSED Encoding false statement 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-375 (edit) CLOSED API: TextEncoder encode()'s 'stream' option appears useless 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-376 (edit) CLOSED [survey needed] create a replacement encoding 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-377 (edit) CLOSED How to handle cases when no character comes between shift sequences in ISO-2022 and HZ-GB-2312 encodings 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-378 (edit) CLOSED Remove ibm866 from encoding standard 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-379 (edit) CLOSED "us-ascii" should not be an alias for "windows-1252" 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-380 (edit) CLOSED define an encoding for formerly latin1 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-381 (edit) CLOSED [survey needed] Make hz-gb-2312 a label of the replacement encoding 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-382 (edit) CLOSED Allow ArrayBuffer as argument to decode() 2014-07-10 encoding 0
ISSUE-383 (edit) CLOSED Justifying Korean text ⓣ 2014-07-10 css-text 0
ISSUE-384 (edit) CLOSED Usefulness of language annotations ⓣ 2014-08-13 wcag 0
ISSUE-385 (edit) CLOSED Per Unicode: remove "violation" notes 2014-08-19 encoding 0
ISSUE-386 (edit) CLOSED Problems with non-standard implementations of emergent scripts 2014-08-29 encoding 0
ISSUE-387 (edit) OPEN AS2.0: Section 3.2: language example issues 2014-10-17 activity 0
ISSUE-388 (edit) CLOSED Add explicit text about direction's relationship to 'start' and 'end' keywords 2014-11-05 css-flexbox 0
ISSUE-389 (edit) CLOSED English should be given as an example (editorial) 2014-11-05 css-flexbox 0
ISSUE-390 (edit) CLOSED Extended Latin Characters Covered in Text but not in Title ⓟ 2014-11-09 dpub-latinreq 0
ISSUE-391 (edit) CLOSED Quotation Marks are Different in Other Languages 2014-11-09 dpub-latinreq 0
ISSUE-392 (edit) CLOSED Decimal Format incomplete? 2014-11-26 xslt-30 0
ISSUE-393 (edit) CLOSED zero-digit replacement? 2014-11-26 xslt-30 0
ISSUE-394 (edit) CLOSED decimal-format reference CLDR? 2014-11-26 xslt-30 0
ISSUE-395 (edit) CLOSED URI developments ⓣ 2014-11-26 xslt-30 0
ISSUE-396 (edit) CLOSED character maps needs a string? 2014-11-26 xslt-30 0
ISSUE-397 (edit) CLOSED Interaction of variation selectors and proposed emoji modifiers 2014-12-11 utr51 0
ISSUE-398 (edit) CLOSED Defining Decimal Formats Permits Only Single Characters 2014-12-15 xslt-30 0
ISSUE-399 (edit) CLOSED Provide Guidance on Collation Tailorings 2014-12-15 xslt-30 0
ISSUE-400 (edit) CLOSED collation lang processing should refer to BCP47 2014-12-16 xslt-30 0
ISSUE-401 (edit) CLOSED Clarify initial letter requirements and alignment points 2014-12-17 ilreq 0
ISSUE-402 (edit) CLOSED Broken copy/paste behavior with IRIs ⓟ 2014-12-22 url 0
ISSUE-403 (edit) CLOSED Reference to language tag should be to BCP47 2015-01-07 web-packaging 0
ISSUE-404 (edit) CLOSED Lang matching undefined 2015-01-07 web-packaging 0
ISSUE-405 (edit) CLOSED clarify embedded image vs. character (editorial) 2015-01-08 utr51 0
ISSUE-406 (edit) CLOSED Single grapheme rather than letter 2015-01-12 css-inline 0
ISSUE-407 (edit) CLOSED Clarification of initial letter example 2015-01-16 ilreq 0
ISSUE-408 (edit) CLOSED Boxed characters and initial letter properties 2015-01-16 css-inline 0
ISSUE-409 (edit) CLOSED What are the string matching rules in the delete operation 2015-01-29 linked-data-patch-format 0
ISSUE-410 (edit) CLOSED Language tags should reference BCP 47 2015-01-29 linked-data-patch-format 0
ISSUE-411 (edit) CLOSED Definition of whitespace should come from Unicode 2015-01-29 linked-data-patch-format 0
ISSUE-412 (edit) CLOSED No localization model 2015-02-23 appmanifest 0
ISSUE-413 (edit) CLOSED No localized examples 2015-02-23 appmanifest 0
ISSUE-414 (edit) CLOSED No means of obtaining correctly localized manifest 2015-02-23 appmanifest 0
ISSUE-415 (edit) CLOSED No language metadata for 'name' 2015-02-23 appmanifest 0
ISSUE-416 (edit) CLOSED No direction metadata for 'name' 2015-02-23 appmanifest 0
ISSUE-417 (edit) CLOSED appropriate use of ACI 2015-02-23 appmanifest 0
ISSUE-418 (edit) CLOSED observation: line wrapping, line balancing 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-419 (edit) CLOSED term "NOTE" may not be friendly to users in other languages ⓒ 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-420 (edit) CLOSED no provision for indicating overall content language(s) 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-421 (edit) CLOSED non-ASCII examples? ⓒ 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-422 (edit) CLOSED start/end linked to left/right ⓒ 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-423 (edit) CLOSED Optional BOM ⓟ 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-424 (edit) CLOSED More formal grammar? ⓒ 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-425 (edit) CLOSED Normalization and string identity issues 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-426 (edit) CLOSED zero or more characters? 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-427 (edit) CLOSED WebVTT percentage 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-428 (edit) CLOSED 4.3.2 emphasis spans 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-429 (edit) CLOSED "valid" language tag 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-430 (edit) CLOSED 4.3.2 Very few character escapes 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-431 (edit) CLOSED ruby model incomplete 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-432 (edit) CLOSED 6.2.1 processing model handling of bidi ⓒ 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-433 (edit) CLOSED (editorial nit) spec title 2015-02-26 appmanifest 0
ISSUE-434 (edit) CLOSED 3.1 Line wrapping for non-Latin scripts ⓒ 2015-03-18 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-435 (edit) CLOSED 3.2 scroll value and vertical writing 2015-03-18 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-436 (edit) CLOSED 6.2.1 line heights ⓒ 2015-03-18 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-437 (edit) CLOSED Consider making the label for utf-8 "UTF-8" 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-438 (edit) CLOSED Encoding names should match what people actually call them 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-439 (edit) CLOSED Authors should be able to use both "utf8" and "utf-8" labels, case-insensitively 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-440 (edit) CLOSED Small fixes for TextEncoder.encode() method 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-441 (edit) CLOSED Drop JIS X 212 from ISO-2022-JP 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-442 (edit) CLOSED JIS X 201 vs US-ASCII in ISO-2022-JP 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-443 (edit) CLOSED revamp iso-2022-jp decoder/encoder 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-444 (edit) CLOSED Bunch of small fixes 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-445 (edit) CLOSED Consider changing the exceptions 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-446 (edit) CLOSED U+FFFD in euc_kr index 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-447 (edit) CLOSED Add MS932 as a label of Shift_JIS 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-448 (edit) CLOSED EUC-KR and decoding-only mapping 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-449 (edit) CLOSED handling of U+5341(and potentially other dupe points) is incompatible with Firefox, Chrome and IE 11 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-450 (edit) CLOSED " [NewObject] Uint8Array encode(optional USVStr..." 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-451 (edit) CLOSED "return continue" seems clear than only "continue" 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-452 (edit) CLOSED "USVString decode(optional BufferSource input, o..." 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-453 (edit) CLOSED Bring back gbk encoder 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-454 (edit) CLOSED Separate GBK and GB18030 even for decoding (toUnicode) 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-455 (edit) CLOSED treatment of invalid 2-byte sequence is different in different CJK encodings 2015-03-30 encoding 0
ISSUE-456 (edit) CLOSED 2.1.1 provide a terminology section? [non-I18N] ⓟ 2015-04-01 dpub-annotation-uc 0
ISSUE-457 (edit) CLOSED 2.1.1 Comment on title or on publication? 2015-04-01 dpub-annotation-uc 0
ISSUE-458 (edit) CLOSED 2.1.3 general observation about language identification 2015-04-01 dpub-annotation-uc 0
ISSUE-459 (edit) CLOSED 2.1.7 privacy issues 2015-04-01 dpub-annotation-uc 0
ISSUE-460 (edit) CLOSED 4.3.7 Inter-char restrictions typo 2015-04-08 klreq 0
ISSUE-461 (edit) CLOSED Wrong caption? 2015-04-08 klreq 0
ISSUE-462 (edit) CLOSED Human readable formats for numeric percentages 2015-04-24 tabular-data-model 0
ISSUE-463 (edit) CLOSED Language metadata elsewhere than for columns 2015-04-24 tabular-data-model 0
ISSUE-464 (edit) CLOSED 'label' needs direction and language metadata 2015-04-24 media-capture-and-streams 0
ISSUE-465 (edit) CLOSED Human readable message not localizable? 2015-04-24 media-capture-and-streams 0
ISSUE-466 (edit) CLOSED Can JSON data be generated from non UTF-8 encoded CSV data 2015-05-06 tabular-data-json 0
ISSUE-467 (edit) CLOSED What are the rules for string equality when column names are matched with annotations 2015-05-06 tabular-data-json 0
ISSUE-468 (edit) CLOSED Do Unicode Strings get normalized when placed into JSON data 2015-05-07 tabular-data-json 0
ISSUE-469 (edit) CLOSED More multicultural examples 2015-05-15 web-payments-use-cases 0
ISSUE-470 (edit) CLOSED Cashback processing 2015-05-15 web-payments-use-cases 0
ISSUE-471 (edit) CLOSED identify time zone dependent vs. independent cases 2015-05-15 web-payments-use-cases 0
ISSUE-472 (edit) CLOSED geographic variation of terms or availability 2015-05-15 web-payments-use-cases 0
ISSUE-473 (edit) CLOSED Can RDF data be generated from non UTF-8 encoded CSV data 2015-05-20 tabular-data-rdf 0
ISSUE-474 (edit) CLOSED What are the rules for string equality when column names are matched with annotations 2015-05-20 tabular-data-rdf 0
ISSUE-475 (edit) CLOSED Do Unicode Strings get normalized when placed into RDF 2015-05-20 tabular-data-rdf 0
ISSUE-476 (edit) CLOSED International payment, taxation, delivery and trade restriction practices ⓟ 2015-06-02 web-payments-use-cases 0
ISSUE-477 (edit) CLOSED default value of direction 2015-06-16 tabular-data-model 0
ISSUE-478 (edit) CLOSED determining cell text direction 2015-06-16 tabular-data-model 0
ISSUE-479 (edit) CLOSED Marking tables as right-to-left in the media type 2015-06-16 tabular-data-model 0
ISSUE-480 (edit) CLOSED New role for Ruby? ⓟ 2015-07-30 dpub-aria 0
ISSUE-481 (edit) CLOSED Inconsistent data type for temperatures 2015-08-19 vehicle-information-access 0
ISSUE-482 (edit) CLOSED Inconsistent data type for levels 2015-08-19 vehicle-information-access 0
ISSUE-483 (edit) CLOSED Temperature data type for Temperature Interface uses different data types 2015-08-19 vehicle-information-access 0
ISSUE-484 (edit) CLOSED Use BCP47 instead of ISO 639-1 for identifying languages 2015-08-19 vehicle-information-access 0
ISSUE-485 (edit) CLOSED Inconsistent use of data type for tilts and pans 2015-08-19 vehicle-information-access 0
ISSUE-486 (edit) CLOSED Should units of speed vary in the specification 2015-08-19 vehicle-information-access 0
ISSUE-487 (edit) CLOSED Consider adding a language tag to indicate the language of an error message 2015-08-19 vehicle-information-access 0
ISSUE-488 (edit) CLOSED what a whitespace character is ⓣ 2015-09-16 css-text 0
ISSUE-489 (edit) CLOSED Control Characters Roll Call on implementation ⓣ 2015-09-16 css-text 0
ISSUE-490 (edit) CLOSED writing-mode: sideways-left ⓣ ⓒ 2015-09-16 css-writing-modes 0
ISSUE-491 (edit) CLOSED Change collapse to merge for ruby-merge 2015-09-23 css-ruby 0
ISSUE-492 (edit) CLOSED Honor the HTTP Accept-Language header for selecting the consent language 2015-09-30 tracking-compliance 0
ISSUE-493 (edit) CLOSED add sections (non-I18N) 2015-10-15 presentation-api 0
ISSUE-494 (edit) CLOSED list of displays: should it address display name, language, etc.? ⓟ 2015-10-15 presentation-api 0
ISSUE-495 (edit) CLOSED note about legacy encodings such as windows-1252 is invalid ⓟ 2015-10-15 find-text 0
ISSUE-496 (edit) CLOSED note about character counts ⓟ 2015-10-15 find-text 0
ISSUE-497 (edit) CLOSED avoid listing whitespace characters ⓟ 2015-10-15 find-text 0
ISSUE-498 (edit) CLOSED language-sensitive case fold type needs more information ⓟ 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-499 (edit) CLOSED definitions of ASCII and Unicode case folds ⓟ 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-500 (edit) CLOSED FindText API vs. Charmod-Norm ⓟ 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-501 (edit) CLOSED Unicode equivalence type non-specificity 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-502 (edit) CLOSED Unicode equivalent type all not clear 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-503 (edit) CLOSED order of case fold and normalization operations 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-504 (edit) CLOSED ascii case fold not useful 2015-10-22 find-text 0
ISSUE-505 (edit) CLOSED intro discussion of diacritic matching 2015-10-22 find-text 0
ISSUE-506 (edit) CLOSED Possibility for a character to be interpreted differently depending on locale ⓣ 2015-11-10 presentation-api 0
ISSUE-507 (edit) CLOSED WebVTT alignment cue setting keywords #262 ⓒ 2015-11-16 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-508 (edit) CLOSED Consider adding 'ruby-align' as a supported CSS property #265 ⓣ 2015-11-16 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-509 (edit) CLOSED Expose the fallback language in the API #258 ⓣ 2015-11-16 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-510 (edit) CLOSED Support character escapes in classes (<;bar>) #251 ⓣ 2015-11-16 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-511 (edit) CLOSED Roll-up regions and ruby incompatible? #250 ⓣ 2015-11-16 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-512 (edit) CLOSED Mention the need for metadata in multiple human languages ⓟ 2015-11-19 data-on-web-best-practices 0
ISSUE-513 (edit) CLOSED Emphasis marks and combining characters ⓣ 2015-11-23 css-text-decoration 0
ISSUE-514 (edit) CLOSED Halfwidth characters incorrectly rendered in Chrome ⓣ 2015-11-25 browser implementations 0
ISSUE-515 (edit) CLOSED spaces at the ends of lines in a <span style="unicode-bidi:isolate"> inside a pre are displayed at the wrong end of the line ⓣ 2015-12-10 browser implementations 0
ISSUE-516 (edit) CLOSED Make unicode-bidi: isolate the default for elements with a dir attribute (mozilla) ⓣ 2015-12-10 browser implementations 0
ISSUE-517 (edit) CLOSED Make unicode-bidi:isolate the default for an element with a dir attribute (instead of unicode-bidi:embed) (chrome) ⓣ 2015-12-10 browser implementations 0
ISSUE-518 (edit) CLOSED Need to explain name matching rules for cache names 2016-02-15 service-workers 0
ISSUE-519 (edit) CLOSED Table of contents does not display properly in Safari browser 2016-02-15 service-workers 0
ISSUE-520 (edit) CLOSED Reach out to JSON-LD 1.1 about including direction metadata and I18N reviews 2019-05-10 0
ISSUE-521 (edit) CLOSED Create PR on webauthn with new metadata proposal 2021-07-14 0
ISSUE-522 (edit) CLOSED Https:// pr: 2022-07-21 0

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