ISSUE-93: Implicit conversion to incremental time?

Implicit conversion to incremental time?

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Addison Phillips
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Description: Global dates and times

Rule 9 in the parsing of a valid global date and time is: "Let time be the moment in time at year year, month month, day day, hours hour, minute minute, second second, subtracting timezonehours hours and timezoneminutes minutes. That moment in time is a moment in the UTC time zone.". It is not clear what type 'time' is. It appears to be a field-based time value, but it this intended as an implicit conversion to incremental time?
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[aphillip]: accepted for HTML5 LC

27 Jul 2011, 16:37:24

The first paragraph of the section defines time as "... consisting of an hour, a minute, a second, and a fraction of a second ...". I don't think this is about incremental time.

Norbert Lindenberg, 21 Mar 2012, 05:31:08

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