Input for Agenda Planning for the Internationalization Working Group

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Open actions not associated to any issue

Action Items Pending Review

There are 0 pending review actions.

Overdue action items

There are 7 overdue actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-216 (edit) open STANDING ACTION: Ping winter list with documents needing review Addison Phillips 2013-12-31
ACTION-437 (edit) open Create article about the time zone proposal Addison Phillips 2015-04-30
ACTION-764 (edit) open Check if unicode describes backwards deletion clearly and develop doc if not Addison Phillips 2018-10-30
ACTION-864 (edit) open Review prs on string-meta Richard Ishida 2020-03-12
ACTION-868 (edit) open Think about how to track bugs reported against products such as browsers Richard Ishida 2020-03-19
ACTION-870 (edit) open Write scope statement for locale-related work Addison Phillips 2020-03-19
ACTION-872 (edit) open Convert personalization-semantics comments into separate issues putting needs-resolution and tracker labels Addison Phillips 2020-03-26

Action items due next week

There are 6 upcoming actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-878 (edit) open Refile issue 195 against the new community group after cg is created (depends on epub3 charter) Fuqiao Xue 2020-04-02
ACTION-879 (edit) open Remind wg to review rules for simple placement of ruby for next week's telecon Addison Phillips 2020-04-02
ACTION-880 (edit) open Ask florian about splitting the accessibility material from "rules for simple..." in prep for taking doc to note Richard Ishida 2020-04-02
ACTION-881 (edit) open Set up simple-ruby repo Richard Ishida 2020-04-02
ACTION-882 (edit) open Reply to webvtt issue 256 (our issue 8) Addison Phillips 2020-04-02
ACTION-883 (edit) open Open issue 79 against media-streams noting that we're just housekeeping the previous issue Addison Phillips 2020-04-02

Issues discussed over the last week

There are 14 recently discussed issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-340 (edit) CLOSED [css3-background] Lack of "start" and "end" keywords 2014-02-20 css-background 0
ISSUE-341 (edit) CLOSED [css3-background] border-left-* and border-right-* 2014-02-20 css-background 0
ISSUE-352 (edit) OPEN normalization of custom property names 2014-05-29 css-variables 0
ISSUE-353 (edit) CLOSED Section 2.1 case sensitivity and normalization 2014-05-29 css-variables 0
ISSUE-429 (edit) CLOSED "valid" language tag 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-431 (edit) CLOSED ruby model incomplete 2015-02-26 webvtt1 0
ISSUE-465 (edit) CLOSED Human readable message not localizable? 2015-04-24 media-capture-and-streams 0
ISSUE-471 (edit) CLOSED identify time zone dependent vs. independent cases 2015-05-15 web-payments-use-cases 0
ISSUE-472 (edit) CLOSED geographic variation of terms or availability 2015-05-15 web-payments-use-cases 0
ISSUE-501 (edit) CLOSED Unicode equivalence type non-specificity 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-502 (edit) CLOSED Unicode equivalent type all not clear 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-503 (edit) CLOSED order of case fold and normalization operations 2015-10-16 find-text 0
ISSUE-504 (edit) CLOSED ascii case fold not useful 2015-10-22 find-text 0
ISSUE-505 (edit) CLOSED intro discussion of diacritic matching 2015-10-22 find-text 0

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