ISSUE-155: [Bug 16520] Don't indicate that XML MIME types *requires* xml:lang [HTML+RDFa]

[Bug 16520] Don't indicate that XML MIME types *requires* xml:lang [HTML+RDFa]

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Richard Ishida
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Raised by: Leif Halvard Silli

The HTML+RDFa spec says:

]] If an author is editing an HTML fragment and is unsure of the final
encapsulating MIME type for their markup, it is suggested that the author
specify both lang and xml:lang [[

NIT: "If an author is [snip] for their markup".
Correct: "If an author is [snip] for his/her markup".

ISSUE: The advice proliferate the belief that XML mime types *need* xml:lang.
But it is only if they don't understand XHTML that they *need* xml:lang. They
might very well not understand XHTML. But is that related to the MIME type?

The only use case I have heard for xml:lang is XML authoring tools - thus, not
exactly "the final encapsulating MIME type". XML parsers of the Web browser
kind (IE/Webkit/Opera/Gecko) do understand the @lang attribute. (Though there
might be legacy versions which don't.) And e.g. the XHTML+RDFa DOCTYPE supports
both @lang and @xml:lang.

Are there any *real* reasons for using both attributes - unrelated to authors'
fears and feelings? Such as legacy RDFa parsers? Or specific XML authoring
tools? Or specific consumers?
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