ISSUE-357: FSI LRO ... PDF or LRI ... PDF ?

FSI LRO ... PDF or LRI ... PDF ?

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Richard Ishida
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2.2 Embeddings and Overrides: the unicode-bidi property

"Following clause HL3 [UAX9], for inline boxes this corresponds to inserting an FSI (U+2068) followed by an LRO (U+202D), for direction: ltr, or RLO (U+202E), for direction: rtl at the start of the box, and a PDF (U+202C) followed by PDI (U+2069) at the end of the box. [UAX9] For other boxes, this value is exactly equivalent to bidi-override. "

Shouldn't this equate isolate-override to RLI/LRI...PDI?
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This was me being stupid. There are no isolating override control characters. Closing.

Richard Ishida, 20 Jun 2014, 10:51:32

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