ISSUE-358: Arabic letters connecting between elements with display: inline ⓣ

Arabic letters connecting between elements with display: inline ⓣ

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Richard Ishida
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So, probably this thread should be copied over to the bidi and ww-style lists. :)
Adding them and topping off with a summary... and presuming that smontagu doesn't
mind being quoted. ;) Reply here!

The issue is (as the title says) whether Arabic letters connect between
elements with 'display: inline', for example in this case:
<p>foo<span color="blue">bar</span>baz</p>

Browsers differ in their behavior. Simon Montagu suspects FF only connects if
they are using the same font (face, style, and weight).

Existing tests/discussion -
Simple testcase:
Mediawiki bug:
Mozilla bug (resolved WORKSFORME):
Webkit bug:
Chromium bug:

Smontagu notes:
> I think it would be very reasonable to expect cursive scripts not to connect
> and shape across boundaries of "block" elements with display: inline, just
> as we make such elements do bidi reordering in isolation from one another
> (

Aharon suggested that we overload 'unicode-bidi: isolate' for this.
Smontagu pointed out it's not a bidi issue and also affects non-RTL scripts.

My take:
Affecting non-RTL scripts isn't an issue; you can use bidi isolation on any
element even if you are not changing its direction. And while it makes sense,
it is overloading a bidi property for non-bidi reasons. I wouldn't object to
it, given the correspondance of desired behavior is probably 1:1, but I see
the point about joining behavior being "off-topic" for bidi.

A reasonable switch might be whether there is positive padding/border/margin
between inlines. It seems unlikely that joining behavior is desired across
a non-zero margin, or that block elements would be inlined together without
either whitespace or margin/border/padding as a separator.

I don't think change of font or color should cause a joining break, however.

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Richard Ishida, 17 Mar 2016, 12:33:07

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