ISSUE-404: Lang matching undefined

Lang matching undefined

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Addison Phillips
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In section 3.4, there is this text about the 'lang' identifier:

If the lang parameter is specified, the candidate parts are further filtered down to only those that have a Content-Language header whose media type matches the language tag provided by the lang parameter.

What "matches" means is undefined. An exact match may not be appropriate? See RFC 4647 in BCP 47 for more details.

There also is no example provided and probably there should be one. For those reading only this Issue, the "Content-Language header" mentioned is part of the file format.

The idea of language negotiation using fragments probably should be considered here. You might have a fragment with "lang=en" and several parts:

Content-Language: en-US
Content-Language: en-GB
Content-Language: en-AU

Are any or all selected? Should the fragment Id be expected to be more explicit (using Lookup style matching)?
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Richard Ishida, 17 Mar 2016, 13:22:20

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