ISSUE-43: Block-display elements should act as UBA paragraph breaks

Block-display elements should act as UBA paragraph breaks

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Richard Ishida
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This is a part of the proposals made by the "Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML" W3C First Public Working Draft. For a full description of the use cases, please see Here is the proposal made there:

An element with display:block, except when it has been taken out of document flow with CSS such as float or position:absolute, but regardless of whether it is a block element or inline element, should be specified as introducing a UBA paragraph break between the content preceding and following it. This does not present a problem for backward compatibility because there has been no browser interoperability in this respect.

If the display:block element has display:inline ancestors that have bidi properties (e.g. the dir attribute or the <bdo> element), these bidi properties should be applied to the anonymous block boxes created for these ancestors, in accordince with CSS specs for anonymous block boxes.

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