ISSUE-429: "valid" language tag

"valid" language tag

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Addison Phillips
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in bugzilla

The description of the cue language span feature reads in part:

A WebVTT cue span start tag "lang" that requires an annotation; the annotation represents the language of the following component, and must be a valid BCP 47 language tag. [BCP47]

The term 'valid' has specific meaning in BCP 47. It requires that all of the subtags in the tag be registered in the IANA registry (or that the tag itself be one of the grandfathered tags). Is this the intended meaning/requirement here? An alternative would be to require "well-formed" language tags (consistent with the BCP 47 grammar but not necessarily consisting of valid subtags).

There is nothing wrong with requiring validity, please note. Only that this is a higher standard than may be supposed by the spec author.
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