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New translations into Hungarian

These articles were translated into Hungarian thanks to Petra Csobanka.

New translations into German

The translations of the following articles were also lightly updated, although Gunnar was not the original translator.

These articles were translated into German thanks to Gunnar Bittersmann.

New translations into Spanish

Fechas y horarios (Dates and Time)

These articles were translated into Spanish thanks to the Spanish Translation Team, Spanish Translation US.

Categories: Articles, w3cWebDesign

New translations into Romanian

Thanks to the Sorin Velescu, the following articles have been translated into Romanian.

New translation: Witryny jednojęzyczne a wielojęzyczne

Thanks to Ana Backstone the FAQ-based article “Monolingual vs. multilingual Web sites” has now been translated into Polish (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

New translation: Одноязычные и многоязычные веб-сайты

Thanks to Elena Nellson the FAQ-based article “Monolingual vs. multilingual Web sites” has now been translated into Russian (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

New article: Monolingual vs. multilingual Web sites

Read the article

FAQ-based article: What are the trade-offs between international sites that are monolingual vs. multilingual?

By Richard Ishida, W3C.

Categories: Articles, New resource

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