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Monthly Archives: March 2008


Internationalization Tag Set Interest Group Launched

The Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Interest Group, chaired by Yves Savourel (ENLASO Corporation), was launched today.
The ITS IG is a forum to foster a community of users of the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS), and aims to promote its adoption, and gather information on its further development. ITS defines data categories that may be used with schemas to support the internationalization and localization of XML-based documents.
Participation in the new ITS IG is open to W3C Members and the public.

For review: Migrating to Unicode

Read the article

Comments are being sought on this article prior to final release. Please send any comments to (subscribe). We expect to publish a final version in one to two weeks.

Categories: For review

New translation: Набір символів документа

Thanks to Nataly Panchenko (Наталія Панченко) the FAQ-based article “Document character set” has now been translated into Ukrainian (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

New translation: Кодування Символів

Thanks to Nataly Panchenko the article “Character encodings” has now been translated into Ukrainian (language negotiated). This is our first Ukrainian translation.

Categories: Translation

New translation: Ustawianie informacji o kodowaniu znaków w .htaccess

Thanks to Natalia Fabisz and Agata Bogacka the FAQ-based article “Setting charset information in .htaccess” has now been translated into Polish (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

New translation: Co należy wiedzieć o algorytmie bidi i znacznikach

Thanks to Andrew Osobka and Kamil Wiśniewski the article “What you need to know about the bidi algorithm and inline markup” has now been translated into Polish (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

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