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Monthly Archives: June 2020


3 FPWDs for language requirements

Following on from the publication of gap-analyis documents as FPWD, three more documents have been published as FPWD that contain information about how Tamil, Mongolian, and Tibetan orthographies work. These documents are intended to support the gap-analysis work.

Tamil Layout Requirements

Mongolian Layout Requirements

Requirements for Tibetan Text Layout and Typography

21 Gap-analysis First Public Working Drafts published

The W3C Internationalization Activity has just published First Public Working Drafts for 21 documents that explore gaps in language support on the Worldwide Web. Some of these documents are from individual contributors, whereas others are the result of work in a language enablement task force. The list below points to the location of the FPWD and also to the relevant group home page or to the relevant GitHub repository where the work was done.

We are looking for expert contributors who can help us move this work forward by answering questions, documenting gaps in support, and creating tests. For more information about the program, see this 15 minute overview (slides).

Arabic & Persian Gap Analysis

Chinese Layout Gap Analysis

Ethiopic Layout Gap Analysis

Dutch Gap Analysis

Georgian Gap Analysis

Modern Greek Gap Analysis

Hungarian Gap Analysis

Bengali Gap Analysis

Devanagari Gap Analysis

Gurmukhi Gap Analysis

Gujarati Gap Analysis

Tamil Gap Analysis

Japanese Gap Analysis

Inuktitut & Cree Gap Analysis

Cherokee Gap Analysis

Lao Gap Analysis

Khmer Gap Analysis

Javanese Script Gap Analysis

Thai Script Gap Analysis

Mongolian Gap Analysis

Tibetan Gap Analysis

New First Public Working Draft: Rules for Simple Placement of Japanese Ruby

The Internationalization Working Group has published a First Public Working Draft of Rules for Simple Placement of Japanese Ruby. This document provides a simple set of rules for placement of ruby text in Japanese typography that can be used as a minimum baseline for implementers and specification writers. It was developed by the JLReq (Japanese Layout) Task Force as a companion to Requirements for Japanese Text Layout 日本語組版処理の要件(日本語版).

Ruby is the name given to the small annotations in Japanese content that are rendered alongside base text, usually to provide a pronunciation guide, but sometimes to provide other information.

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