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Monthly Archives: April 2008


Updated Working Draft: Web Services Internationalization (WS-I18N)

Read the Working Draft

The Internationalization Core Working Group has published a Working Draft of Web Services Internationalization (WS-I18N). This document describes enhancements to SOAP messaging to provide internationalized and localized operations using locale and international preferences. These mechanisms can be used to accommodate a wide variety of development models for international usage.

Editors: Addison Phillips, Mary Trumble (until September 2005), Felix Sasaki

Categories: Highlight, New draft

First Public Working Draft: Requirements of Japanese Text Layout

Read the Working Draft

Participants from four W3C Groups CSS, Internationalization Core, SVG and XSL Working Groups as part of the Japanese Layout Task Force published Requirements of Japanese Text Layout. This document describes requirements for general Japanese layout realized with technologies like CSS, SVG and XSL-FO. The document is mainly based on a standard for Japanese layout, JIS X 4051. However, it also addresses areas which are not covered by JIS X 4051. Japanese version is also available.

Editors: Toshi Kobayashi, Yasuhiro Anan.

Categories: Highlight, New draft, Update

New article: Migrating to Unicode

Read the article

Article: This article provides guidelines for the migration of software and data to Unicode. It covers planning the migration, and design and implementation of Unicode-enabled software. A basic understanding of Unicode and the principles of character encoding is assumed.

By Norbert Lindenberg & Addison Phillips, Yahoo.

New translation: Codificação de caracteres para iniciantes

Thanks to Alan Henrique Pardo de Carvalho the FAQ-based article “Character encodings for beginners” has now been translated into Brazilian Portuguese (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

New translation: Wann es angebracht ist, Sprachvereinbarung (language negotiation) einzusetzen

Thanks to Gunnar Bittersmann the FAQ-based article “When to use language negotiation” has now been translated into German (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

New translation: Verwendung von Zeichen-Entity-Referenzen und numerischen Zeichenreferenzen

Thanks to Gunnar Bittersmann the FAQ-based article “Using character entities and NCRs” has now been translated into German (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

Updated test results: Ruby markup served as text/html

See the results

These tests check whether and how a user agent displays ruby markup in XHTML 1.0 that is served as text/html (without CSS help).

Tests were conducted on later versions of Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers, and the Firefox browser with a later version of the ruby add-on by Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven. The latter now passes all tests for simple and complex ruby as expected. There was no change for the three former browser setups.

Categories: Test, Update

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