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Monthly Archives: November 2010


New translation into German

This article was translated into German thanks to Gunnar Bittersmann.


New translations into Romanian

These articles were translated into Romanian thanks to Echipa Traduceri W3.

MultilingualWeb Madrid slides, video recordings, and IRC notes now available

Slides, video recordings of speakers and IRC notes for the MultilingualWeb workshop in Madrid are now available from the MultilingualWeb site. There are also pointers to blog posts, tweets and photos related to the workshop.

Entitled “The Multilingual Web: Where are We?”, the workshop surveyed and shared information about currently available best practices and standards that can help content creators and localizers address the needs of the multilingual Web, including the Semantic Web. Attendees also heard about gaps that need to be addressed, and enjoyed opportunities to network and share information between the various different communities involved in enabling the multilingual Web. Just over a hundred people attended.

Work is under way on a summary report for the workshop, which will be announced in due course.

Building on the success of the Madrid workshop, preparations have now begun for the next workshop, to be held in Pisa, Italy, in March 2011. A Call for Participation will be issued soon.

New translation into Brazilian Portuguese

This article was translated into Brazilian Portuguese thanks to Matheus Salmi, CZ SEE.


Talk slides: Unicode Conference

On 20th October Richard Ishida and Aharon Lanin gave a talk entitled

Extending Bidi Support on the Web

at the Internationalization & Unicode Conference in Santa Clara, California, USA.

The talk describes proposals that have recently been put to the HTML and CSS Working Groups to improve handling of bidirectional text on the Web (for languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu, etc). The talk gives a high-level overview, using examples, of most of the recommendations in the document Additional Requirements for Bidi in HTML. It also provides links in the notes to more detailed information and to HTML5 bug reports for those who want to know more and follow the discussions.

More new translations into Spanish

Codificación de caracteres: conceptos básicos (Character encodings: Essential concepts)

Selección & aplicación de codificación de caracteres (Choosing & applying a character encoding)

These articles were translated into Spanish thanks to the Spanish Translation Team, Trusted Translations, Inc.

New translations into Spanish

Ejecución de HTML & XHTML (Serving HTML & XHTML)

Introducción a direcciones web plurilingües (An Introduction to Multilingual Web Addresses)

Capacidades de visualización (Display capabilities)

These articles were translated into Spanish thanks to the Spanish Translation Team, Spanish Translation US.

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