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Monthly Archives: August 2008


New translation: Ημερομηνίες και Χρόνος

Thanks to the editor team, Γιώργος Τσιλεδάκης, the article “Dates and Time” has now been translated into Greek (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation needed

New translation: Sortowanie rozwijanej listy

Thanks to K.Wiśniewski the FAQ-based article “Sorting select options” has now been translated into Polish (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation needed

Updated tests & results: Language declarations

See the test pages
See the results

These tests examine whether language information is available for text processing when declared in various different ways.

The format of the tests was improved, and the 6th test page was dropped (dealing with language attributes on block elements) since it replicates tests elsewhere.

The results were rewritten to reflect behaviour of the latest major browsers.

Update: An error was fixed in test page 3 and three new test pages were added, to examine the effect of multiple language values in the meta element and precedence of language attribute and meta element. The tests were re-run and the results page updated.

Categories: Highlight, Test

New tests & results: CSS encoding detection

See the test pages
See the results

These tests examine whether user agents follow the rules in CSS 2.1 about detecting the encoding of CSS style sheets. This is particularly important if you style sheet uses non-ASCII characters in such things as class names, content, or font names.

Updated tests & results: Language-dependent styling

See the test pages
See the results

These tests examine whether a user agent is capable of styling elements in XHTML 1.0 served as text/html using CSS selectors that examine the language declared in element attributes.

All tests have been rewritten, resulting in some small corrections and changes to the previous set of tests, and improvements to the page styling. Additional tests were added to check behaviour with regard to the script tags in BCP 47. Also, a whole set of tests were developed for XHTML 1.1 (served as XML). The results page was rewritten to reflect the behavior of the latest versions of a number of major browsers (including IE8 beta, which now supports :lang).

Categories: Highlight, Test, Update

New translation: CSS vs. Markup für bidirektionale Dokumente

Thanks to Jens Meiert the FAQ-based article “CSS vs. markup for bidi support” has now been translated into German (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation needed

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