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What is 'i18n'?

'i18n' is an industry standard abbreviation for 'internationalization' (because there are 18 letters between the 'i' and the 'n').

How can I get you to review our spec?

See our Request a review page.

How can I contact you for other things?

Because it has many benefits, we try to conduct all discussions about documents or other technical questions via GitHub issues.

If your question or comment relates to one of our articles or documents, please use the relevant github issues list. There should be a pointer to the appropriate issue list in the document or page itself.

If you are in a W3C group and want to ask us a question about one of your documents, the best way to alert us is to add the question to an issue (or create an issue if needed), in your document's GitHub repo and add the i18n-tracking label to it if it's not already there. We'll be notified. This approach is particularly useful since it keeps discussion threads linked to existing discussions and to appropriate repos.

(If you don't have an i18n-tracking label for your issues, contact and we'll set that up for you.)

Otherwise, you can write to or

Who can I contact?