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Monthly Archives: November 2009


Internet Governance Forum Poster

Poster used at the IGF meeting.

The fourth annual IGF Meeting was held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on 15-18 November 2009. The W3C Internationalization Activity had a poster [PDF] at the event.

Talk slides: Standards-based Translations with W3C ITS and OASIS XLIFF

On November 5th, Christian Lieske and Felix Sasaki gave a talk entitled Standards-based Translations with W3C ITS and OASIS XLIFF at TCWorld, Wiesbaden, Germany.

The slides are in PDF. The presentation describes ITS and XLIFF, the two standards which are important for proper internationalization and localization of XML. Topics include a discussion of general benefits of standards-based internationalization and localization, an introduction to both standards and how they help to achieve such benefits, and an explanation of the relation between the two. A highlight was the introduction of a tool for round-tripping from an XML-document with ITS information to XLIFF, and the integration of translated material from XLIFF back into the original XML.

Categories: Talks, w3cXMLCore

Updated article: Styling using language attributes

Read the article

The major change was the addition of detailed information about use of CSS selectors with xml:lang, but there were many other edits (see the list below). Translators should consider retranslating the whole tutorial. [search keys: qa-css-lang]

The article was updated as follows:

  • added section “Using CSS selectors with xml:lang”
  • the title was slightly changed
  • information about browser support was replaced with a link to test results (updated)
  • various edits throughout to improve readability
  • removed the paragraph that says that generic class or id selectors work best, since support for selectors has significantly improved
  • updated various links and added links to new materials.

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