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Monthly Archives: January 2012


New translation into Swedish

This article was translated into Swedish thanks to Olle Olsson.

Ivan Herman to Keynote at the MultilingualWeb workshop in Luxembourg

Ivan Herman, Semantic Web Activity Lead at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), will deliver the keynote talk at the upcoming MultilingualWeb workshop. This 4th MultilingualWeb workshop will be held in Luxembourg, hosted by the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) of the European Commission.

Ivan will give an overview of the current work done at the W3C related to the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and related technical issues. The goal is not to give a detailed technical account but, rather, to give a general, and accessible, overview and use this is a basis for further discussions on how that particular technology can be used for the general issue of Multilingual Web.

Formerly head of the worldwide W3C Offices program, Ivan has been with the W3C since 2001, and also holds a tenure position at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (CWI) in Amsterdam. He is a member of IW3C2 (International World Wide Web Conference Committee), and of SWSA (Semantic Web Science Association), the committee responsible for the International Semantic Web Conferences series.

The MultilingualWeb project is looking at best practices and standards related to all aspects of creating, localizing and deploying the Web multilingually. The project aims to raise the visibility of existing best practices and standards and identify gaps, with a view to helping content creators, localizers, tools developers, and others meet the challenges of the multilingual Web.

Participation is free. We welcome participation from both speakers and non-speaking attendees. For more information and to register, see the Call for Participation.

New translations into Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Chinese


حجم النص في الترجمة (Text size in translation)

نموذج ترميز متعدد اللغات (Multilingual form encoding)


訳文における文字サイズ (Text size in translation)

多言語フォームのエンコーディング (Multilingual form encoding)

Web 上の言語 (Language on the Web)


번역물의 텍스트 크기 (Text size in translation)

다국어 양식 인코딩 (Multilingual form encoding)

웹상의 언어 (Language on the Web)

(Simplified) Chinese:

文字大小和翻译 (Text size in translation)

多语言表单的编码 (Multilingual form encoding)

网站上的语言 (Language on the Web)

These articles were translated thanks to various groups within wintranslation.

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