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Tag(s): qa-resizing-backgrounds


New translation into German

This article was translated into German thanks to Carolin Winterholler (Copypanthers).

Updated article: Background images that support localization

The article Background images that support localization was updated as follows:

  • A note was added at the beginning of the background section, mentioning that CSS now enables you to create the examples in the article, where appropriate, and that the article now contains pointers to live code samples using CSS.
  • The first sentence of each section describing a technique was changed to better position and introduce the section.
  • A sentence was added to the end of each of the above sections, pointing to an example of how CSS could be used to reproduce that example, for browsers that support it.
  • ” Internet Explorer and Opera will split the word and the hyphen will appear at the end of the line” was changed to “recent versions of major browsers will split the word and the hyphen will appear at the end of the line”
  • The section “By the way” was removed.

Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian translations need to be updated. Please contact Richard Ishida ( for the source text. In the meantime, the note and the link text have been added to those translations in English, but not the other additions.

Categories: Update, w3cWebDesign

New translations into Spanish

Thanks to the English to Spanish Translation Team, Spanish Translation US, the following articles have been translated into Spanish.

New article: Background images that support localization

Read the article

FAQ-based article: How can I ensure that when text expands in translation the background images will still work?

By Richard Ishida, W3C.

For review: Background images that support localization

Read the article

Comments are being sought on this article prior to final release. Please send any comments to (subscribe). We expect to publish a final version in one to two weeks.

Categories: For review

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