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Monthly Archives: April 2006


Language Tags and Locale Identifiers for the World Wide Web

New First Public Working Draft

The Internationalization Core Working Group has released this First Public Working Draft. The draft includes mechanisms for identifying or selecting the language of content or locale preferences used to process information using Web technologies. It describes how document formats, specifications, and implementations should handle language tags, as well as data structures for describing international preferences.

Categories: Highlight, New draft

Internationalization Tag Set (ITS)

New Working Draft

The Internationalization Tag Set Working Group has published an updated Working Draft of the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS). Organized by data categories, this set of elements and attributes supports the internationalization and localization of schemas and documents. Implementations are provided for DTDs, XML Schema and Relax NG, and for existing vocabularies like XHTML, DocBook and OpenDocument.

Categories: Highlight, New draft

Hreflang content generation

Updated test results

Updated to reflect latest user agent behaviour, and substantially reorganized to make maintenance easier.

Categories: Test, Update

Automatic font assignment for CJK text

Updated test results

Updated to incorporate latest browser results, and reorganized considerably. Doesn’t repeat the information in the test. Should make maintenance easier.

Categories: Test, Update

Automatic font assignment for CJK text

Updated test

Added a preview facility to allow easier checking of font glyphs, and incorporated mention of separate settings in some UAs for Traditional Chinese in Taiwan vs. Hong Kong.

Categories: Test, Update

I18n Activity Home Page converted to blog

Site improvements

The W3C Internationalization Activity home page has been converted to a blog format. The blog supersedes the news filter pages, although the same categories as before will be used to group blog posts. The old pages will remain available as a historical record.
The new blog approach also makes it possible to easily host short articles with a comment facility, such as requests for public feedback.
If you had subscribed to the previous RSS feeds you will now need to subscribe to this feed.

Categories: Highlight

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