Learn to internationalize

This page aims to connect you quickly with learning resources that guide you in applying internationalization to your content development, implementation, and so on.

Techniques for content developers

The techniques page (second choice in the links below) is particularly useful. It presents you with a series of task-based do's and don'ts, accompanied by links to useful resources on the W3C Internationalization site and elsewhere. Following that are a set of 'tutorials', ie. pages that point to other resources to cover a particular topic.

Developer checklist

Specification developers can use the following techniques to do a self-review. The checklist lists do's and don'ts and also points to explanations, example, and the like.

Language enablement

The W3C is gathering information about issues that users experience around the world when they try to use the Web, especially related to typography and layout. The following links take you to pages that provide useful information.