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Tag(s): article-lang-bidi-use-cases


3 new translations into Chinese

Web上的双向文本和语言元数据用例 (Use cases for bidi and language metadata on the Web)

国际化和多语言网站 (International & multilingual web sites)

单语言和多语言网站 (Monolingual vs. multilingual Web sites)

Thanks to Fuqiao Xue and Huan Cui for providing these translations.

Categories: clreq, New translation

Article published: Use cases for bidi and language metadata on the Web

Information about text direction and language needs to be associated with strings used on the Web. This article explores use cases that support that need.

Read the article.

To send a comment, raise a GitHub issue.

For review: Use cases for bidi and language metadata on the Web

The article Use cases for bidi and language metadata on the Web is out for wide review. We are looking for comments by Thursday 11 March.

The W3C Internationalisation Working Group recommends that data formats and string data are always associated with information about text direction and language. This is to ensure that the data can be correctly managed when displayed to a user. This article explores use cases that substantiate the need for this type of information.

Please send any comments as github issues by clicking on this link, or on “Leave a comment” at the bottom of the article. (This will add some useful information to your comment.)

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