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New translations into Spanish

Thanks to the Spanish Translation Team, Spanish Translation US, the following articles have been translated into Spanish.

New translations into Hungarian

Thanks to Dénes Kohn, Metaphraser – Translation Company, the following articles have been translated into Hungarian.

New translation: Wprowadzenie do zbiorów znaków i kodowania

Thanks to A.Osobka and N.Fabisz the article “Introducing Character Sets and Encodings” (part of the Getting Started series) has now been translated into Polish (language negotiated).

Categories: Translation

New article: Introducing Character Sets and Encodings

Read the article

Getting Started material. The W3C GEO Working Group has published the first in a series of articles aimed at those who are new to internationalization. These pages will introduce you to key internationalization topics and tasks, and direct you towards articles or resources on the W3C Internationalization subsite that will take you to the next level of understanding.

This document introduces topics in the general area of character sets, encoding, escapes, etc.

The document is linked from a new ‘Getting Started‘ page that also explains various ways to find information on the W3C Internationalization subsite, and points to some key definitions.

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