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Internationalization Activity Statement

Note: This Activity Statement covers the period from October 2013 to May 2014.

The goal of the Internationalization (I18n) Activity is to ensure that W3C's formats and protocols are open to all of the world's languages, writing systems, character codes and local conventions.

I18n advises W3C Working Groups, reviews W3C publications, coordinates with the Unicode Technical Committee, the IETF, ISO committees, and the localization industry. I18n increases awareness of internationalization issues via conferences, workshops, articles and Working Group Notes. I18n provides upfront input to Working Groups and reviews Last Call Working Drafts on a wide range of topics, including Unicode character normalization, international typographic requirements, script issues in text-to-speech implementations, internationalization and localization requirements for schemas, usage scenarios and requirements for the internationalization of Web services, implementation of international resource identifiers, and many more.

For the curious, "I18n" is shorthand for the first, last, and 18 middle characters in the word "Internationalization."

Highlights Since the Previous Advisory Committee Meeting

Summary of Activity Structure

GroupChairTeam ContactCharter
Internationalization Working Group
Addison PhillipsRichard IshidaChartered until 31 December 2015
Internationalization (I18n) Interest GroupMartin DürstRichard IshidaChartered until 31 December 2015
Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Interest GroupDavid LewisFelix SasakiChartered until 31 December 2015

Richard Ishida, Internationalization Activity Lead

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