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    Department of Physiology, Dartmouth Medical School, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03756-0001, USA.

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    Despite the seemingly ubiquitous admonition to "drink at least eight 8-oz glasses of water a day" (with an accompanying reminder that beverages containing caffeine and alcohol do not count), rigorous proof for this counsel appears to be lacking. This review sought to find the origin of this advice (called "8 x 8" for short) and to examine the scientific evidence, if any, that might support it. The search included not only electronic modes but also a cursory examination of the older literature that is not covered in electronic databases and, most importantly and fruitfully, extensive consultation with several nutritionists who specialize in the field of thirst and drinking fluids. No scientific studies were found in support of 8 x 8. Rather, surveys of food and fluid intake on thousands of adults of both genders, analyses of which have been published in peer-reviewed journals, strongly suggest that such large amounts are not needed because the surveyed persons were presumably healthy and certainly not overtly ill. This conclusion is supported by published studies showing that caffeinated drinks (and, to a lesser extent, mild alcoholic beverages like beer in moderation) may indeed be counted toward the daily total, as well as by the large body of published experiments that attest to the precision and effectiveness of the osmoregulatory system for maintaining water balance. It is to be emphasized that the conclusion is limited to healthy adults in a temperate climate leading a largely sedentary existence, precisely the population and conditions that the "at least" in 8 x 8 refers to. Equally to be emphasized, lest the message of this review be misconstrued, is the fact (based on published evidence) that large intakes of fluid, equal to and greater than 8 x 8, are advisable for the treatment or prevention of some diseases and certainly are called for under special circumstances, such as vigorous work and exercise, especially in hot climates. Since it is difficult or impossible to prove a negative-in this instance, the absence of scientific literature supporting the 8 x 8 recommendation-the author invites communications from readers who are aware of pertinent publications.구미슈퍼맨카지노구미월드카지노카지노 머신⇜바카라사이트주소⇎〖카지노 슬롯머신 종류{}【】온카 먹튀카지노 먹튀Y➹┟2019-01-18-00-30✿AIJ┓바카라 총판카지노 광고온라인 카지노 먹튀┩바카라 게임 다운로드✌777 무료 슬롯 머신☏〗온라인바카라사이트♭카지노 카페█카지노 검증┯바카라 먹튀 사이트릴 게임[]【】카지노 카페우리 카지노 총판Y♥♐2019-01-18-00-30↿AIJ◦슬롯 머신 이기는 방법일본 파칭코 게임 하기바카라 룰➹슬롯 사이트╓호텔카지노 주소↥

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