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Tag(s): feisgillt


One more week to FEISGILTT – learn about and contribute to the future of Web and localization standards!

On 4 June and as part of the Localization World conference in Dublin, the FEISGILTT event will again provide an opportunity to discuss latest developments around localization and multilingual Web technologies. The event is sponsored by the LIDER project.

Highlights include updates about ITS 2.0 and XLIFF 2.0, and a session about usage scenarios for linguistic linked data in localization. Speakers include Kevin O’Donnell (Microsoft), Bryan Schnabel (Tektronix), Yves Savourel (Enlaso) and many more.

Register now to meet the key players around standards that will influence today’s and future business.


FEISGILLT 2013 to showcase upcoming ITS 2.0 standard

FEISGILLT 2013 will showcase the upcoming Internationalization Tag Set 2.0 standard, together with closely related, core localization standards like XLIFF. FEISGILTT 2013 is the preconference event of Localization World, London 2013. W3C members will get 20% discount for FEISGILTT. FEISGILTT participants are entitled to a 10% discount when registering for the main conference. However, registering for the main conference is NOT required to register for FEISGILTT.

Speaking Proposals for FEISGILLT event open until August 14, don’t delay!

The deadline for submissions to speak at the FEISGILLT event has been extended to 14 August.

In various tracks, this event brings the communities involved in ITS 2.0 and XLIFF 2.0 closer together. Experts from the language services industry, from language technology, and from the Web community at large will discuss the role of these upcoming standards and help to shape their interplay. The ITS 2.0 track is supported by the W3C MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group and by the MultilingualWeb community at large.

If you want to speak at the event, submit a proposal as soon as possible.

This event will be held in Seattle, USA, as part of the Localization World Conference. In order to participate, you must register. Participants in W3C working groups will receive a 20% discount for attending the FEISGILLT event. For more information, see the FEISGILLT Call for Participation.

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