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The MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group was closed on 17 January 2014, having successfully published the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) 2.0 specification as a Recommendation. the Working Group has started discussing ITS 2.0 best practices topics within the Internationalization Tag Set Interest Group. This is an open forum aiming to be continued after the life of the MLW-LT Working Group. To participate contribute to the ITS IG wiki and the ITS IG mailling list.

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About the MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group

The MultilingualWeb-LT (Language Technologies) Working Group is part of the W3C Internationalization Activity and the MultilingualWeb community.

Aims: define the Internationalization Tag Set (ITS 2.0), that is: meta-data for web content (mainly HTML5) and deep Web content, for example a CMS or XML files from which HTML pages are generated, that facilitates its interaction with multilingual technologies and localization processes.

For more details, see the Working Group Charter.

Mailing Lists

The working group uses the public-multilingualweb-lt mailing list. [Archive] [Subscribe]

There is also a member-only list [ArchiveMO] which is used for group administravia and any member-confidential topics.

Work in Progress & Events

On 29 October 2013, ITS 2.0 has been finalized and published as a W3C Recommendation. Work on application scenarios for ITS 2.0 and gathering of usage and implementation experience will now take place in the ITS Interest Group.

Please see the Working Group wiki for further details on work items, face-to-face and virtual meetings etc.


The following press releases have been published to announce the creation of the working group.


We have gathered input at the March 2012 MultilingualWeb workshop in Luxembourg and at the June 2012 MultilingualWeb workshop in Dublin (see the workshop report).

Also, we conducted a dedicated questionnaire about international Web content requirements. We will use this questionnaire to gather initial input and expressions of interest in participation in our work.

We also welcome feedback on our public mailing list about


The Working Group will be shut down at the end of 2013; work on application scenarios for ITS 2.0 and gathering of usage and implementation experience will now take place in the ITS Interest Group.


European CommissionFP7 LogoThe MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group receives funding by the European Commission (project name LT-Web) through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in the area of Language Technologies. Grant Agreement No. 287815.

Chairs: Felix Sasaki, David Filip, Dave Lewis
Staff contact: Felix Sasaki
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