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Decommissioned tutorials

The tutorials “An Introduction to Multilingual Web Addresses” and “Using language information in XHTML, HTML and CSS” have been decommissioned, to facilitate updating of material and reduce duplication.

The information in the first tutorial is already covered by the more up-to-date article An Introduction to Multilingual Web Addresses. The meat of the second tutorial is covered by the articles Styling using the lang attribute, and Setting language preferences in a browser.

Categories: Update

New tutorial for review: An Introduction to Multilingual Web Addresses

This tutorial was decommissioned on 4 June, 2007.

Link to tutorial

A Web address is used to point to a resource on the Web such as a Web page. Recent developments enable you to add non-ASCII characters to Web addresses. This tutorial provides a high level introduction to how this works, and reviews current support on mainstream browsers.

After reading this tutorial you should:

  • understand how domain names containing non-ASCII text are handled, according to the IDN specifications
  • understand how path names containing non-ASCII text in Web addresses are handled, according to the IRI specification
  • get a general idea of how well multilingual Web addresses are supported for use in major browsers
Categories: Miscellaneous

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