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Monthly Archives: June 2008


New talk slides: @media Conference 2008

See the slides (with notes) [PDF 3.2Mb]
Listen to the audio recording

Richard Ishida gave a presentation entitled “Global Design: Characters, Language and More” at the @media 2008 Conference, London, UK, on 30 May, 2008.

Categories: Highlight, Talks

New talk slides: Open Road Conference and Web Standards Group meetings

See the slides (with notes) [PDF 1.4Mb]

Richard Ishida gave a presentation entitled Designing International Web Pages: Some Practical Tips at the Open Road Conference, Melbourne, Australia, on 15 May, 2008, and at Web Standards Group (WSG) meetings in Melbourne and Sydney on 15th and 16th May.

Categories: Talks

New talk slides: WWW2008 tutorial

See the slides (with notes) [PDF 4Mb]

Richard Ishida and Felix Sasaki gave a tutorial entitled Producing XML that Works Internationally at the WWW2008 Conference, Beijing, China, on 21 April, 2008.

Categories: Talks

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