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This is a tracking page for APA WG to record its decisions about whether to track the activities of particular Community Groups for relevance to accessibility.

New Community Groups to review

Group Name Description Creation Date Assignee Updates Last Update date
name and link description creation date info status yyyy-mm-dd
Font and Text discuss and develop specifications and implementations for technologies such as shaping and layout which operate on and at the interface between text encoding and font formats. 2020-08-24 14 members; setting up GitHub repo track if active - potential COGA and low vision issues; suggest to WAI-CC 2020-09-16
Digital asset Standard bring together (top companies, universities, and teams involved in digital finance technology in various industries) and frontier technology in digital finance to push forward the development to digital asset standardization. 2020-07-28 14 members no activity yet revisit 2020-09-16
SVG-CH The mission of this group is to translate W3C SVG specifications into Chinese. 2020-05-06 2 members, no activity no need to track y2020-09-16
XSLT Extensions The group aims to agree extensions to the XSLT 3.0 Recommendation published on 8 June 2017, along with supporting changes to the other specifications (XPath, Functions and Operators) on which it depends. 2020-04-23 2 participants, no chair, no activity; no status change as of 2020-09-08 no need to track 2020-09-16
WebAuthN Adoption coordinate research and actions to help with broader adoption of the Web Authentication ecosystem. Group participants will contribute to identifying the obstacles that slow down adoption of WebAuthn. No specs planned 2020-04-23 31 members, meeting regularly; as of 2020-09-08 still meeting regularly no need to track 2020-09-16
Media Delivery The mission of this group is to define several APIs that provide a standardised method of processing, optimizing and delivering images and video over the web 2020-04-23 9 members, no recent ML activity; no status change as of 2020-09-08 revisit 2020-09-16
Web Fights COVID objectives: (1) to create a repository of already existing Web resources related to covid19 (2) to identify other Web-based initiatives which are on-going (3) to share Web-based initiatives of CG Members 2020-04-10 17 members, ML activity in March and April ; no status change as of 2020-09-08 no need to track - good a11y representation 2020-09-09
TNS Blockchain explore the use of Digital Names within existing web applications and PaaS and IaaS platforms. Digital Names simplifies the remembering, typing and everyday usage of digital wallets for crypto and kind of crypto payments or receipts into or out of a Digital Wallet. 2020-04-07 3 participants, no recent activity. no status change as of 2020-09-08 revisit 2020-09-16
Linked Data for Accessibility make accessibility information about buildings, services and routes easier to find via (1) creating a common and open standard vocabulary for accessibility and (2) by providing a central place for the web community to discuss issues around physical accessibility data. 2020-03-31 minimal ML activity, 19 members; no status change as of 2020-09-08 no need to track, good a11y representation (Josh) 2020-09-09
OpenUI The group will be researching components and controls across the web and also looking to native paradigms to bring interoperability for design systems, frameworks and the web platform. 2020-03-24 26 members, have had teleconf; meeting monthly as of 2020-09-08 revisit 2020-09-09
Network Maintenance Notifications discuss the possibility of creating a schema to describe network maintenance notifications. This topic has received traction in the industry, and thus a standard should at least be discussed. 2020-03-19 4 members, no chair, no recent ML activity; no status change as of 2020-09-08 no need to track 2020-09-09
Rights Automation for Marketing Data develop and publish a market-data profile for ODRL. With a standard, machine-readable way of describing market data licenses, we can look towards automating rights-management along the market data supply chain and drive efficiencies in financial markets. - still meeting as of 2020-09-08 2020-03-13 meeting regularly revisit 2020-09-09
COVID-19 Remote Meet, Work, Class A clearinghouse for experience and guidelines for people who are suddenly called to avoid travel or meetings, work-at-home or do classes online. 2020-3-12 16 members - active in March but not much ML activity since; no status change as of 2020-09-08 no need to track - good a11y representation 2020-09-09
Decentralized Identity of Korean focused discussion in Korean of the Decentralized Identity – Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), Verifiable Credentials(VC) and of related spec 2020-03-04 minimal activity no need to track 2020-09-09
Synthetic Media explore modern architectures of AI to generate or synthesize media and interactive media content. We intend to advance the state of the art with a number of new standards. 2020-03-02 no chair, no ML activity, 13 members; no status change as of 2020-09-08 revisit if becomes active 2020-09-09
CSS4 debate and define CSS4 as umbrella term to increase adoption, etc. of new featurs 2020-02-24 no chair, no ML activity check back in December to see if activity and direction 2020-07-15
Unitive Web foster independence of the Web - create a global open virtual space of information which is responsive and reliable. It offers open customization of user interaction, open bottom-up schema mapping, integration of (AI) algorithms, and facilitates in the protection of privacy. 2020-02-14 6 members, no ML activity; no status change as of 2020-09-08 no need to track unless becomes active 2020-09-09
CSS Print gather use cases, help with specifications, and advocate for more and better implementations 2020-02-13 no need to track 46 members, few ML entries 2020-07-15
Inclusive Design for the Immersive Web tracks and promotes progress on accessibility issues identified across the many relevant W3C and Khronos groups working on aspects of XR 2020-02-12 5 members, good a11y representation no need to track 2020-09-09
MFX Media explore and develop media containers to serve the growing needs of the content creator - global tracking and accountability to improve transparency 2020-02-04 check back in December to see if activity and direction 5 members, no ML activity 2020-07-15
Bridging GraphQL and RDF explore how GraphQL and RDF can be combined, and to what respect they can benefit each other. 2020-01-31 check back in December to see if activity and direction 44 participants, some ML activity 2020-07-15
Building Device Naming Standards Being able to efficiently collect, analyse and leverage data insights from buildings is a catalyst for optimising building performance, improving the use of resources and moving towards predictive maintenance and buildings that can respond to the climate emergency. 2020-01-21 no need to track reviewed 2020-01-29
Privacy Develop privacy-focused web standards and APIs to improve user privacy on the web through enhanced browser behavior. 2020-01-17 revisit in May actively meeting, 204 members - probably worth tracking 2020-01-29
Cognitive AI Work on use cases and requirements, demo's, open source, and scaling experiments. 2019-12-10 revisit in May Dave Raggett is active 2020-01-29
Accessibility for Children Discuss accessibility adapted for children (age appropriate, literacy relevant). 2019-12-06 revisit in May 2 members, no chair, no activity 2020-01-29
Business Data APIs and Interchange Define standards for transmission of various business data in a public, extensible, and humanly readable manner rather than current EDI format. 2019-10-21 no need to track reviewed 2020-01-29
Ad Blocker Improve web standards by conveying to Working Groups use cases from an ad blocker perspective (particularly ad blocker browser extensions). 2019-09-29 revisit in May 14 members, minimal ML activity but draft charter submitted in April,2020 2020-01-29
Bullet Chatting A community group to incubate work on bullet chatting. 2019-09-26 revisit in May 19 members, no ML activity in n20202 2020-01-29
Bitcoin Hypermedia We will explore the sui generis nature of the "bit : coin :: info : creation" network/system/tree rooted in the Genesis block planted by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3, 2009 using the seed (hash) value 000000000019d6689c085ae165831e934ff763ae46a2a6c172b3f1b60a8ce26f. This group may publish specifications, but it is initially focused on the facilitation of focused, collaborative discussions. 2019-09-19 no need to track reviewed 2020-01-29
MiniApps A community group to incubate work on MiniApps and serve as a base for analysis and proposals of specific work items 2019-09-19 taken to WAI-CC, assigned to Roy reviewed 2020-01-29
Web Thing Protocol Define a common protocol for communicating with connected devices over the web, to enable ad-hoc interoperability on the Web of Things. The group will collaborate with the W3C Web of Things Interest Group and Working Group to ensure any specifications complement or extend the “Web of Things (WoT) Thing Description” specification. 2019-09-17 no need to track reviewed 2020-01-29
Immersive Captions Determine and publish best practices for access, activation, and display settings for captions with different types of Immersive Media - AR, VR & Games. 2019-09-17 revisit in May 23 members, active internal ML, good a11y representation 2020-01-29
Solid The Solid project aims to improve privacy and data ownership on the Web through a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications. 2018-10-03 revisit in May 124 members but not much recent ML activity 2020-01-29
Machine Learning for the Web Increase ML presence in Web by incubating and developing a dedicated low-level Web API for machine learning inference in the browser. 2018-10-03 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-02
RDF-DEV Collaboration around applications, schemas, and past/present/future standards related to RDF. Successor to SWIG/RDFIG. 2018-10-16 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-02
Publishing Incubation zone for Publishing@W3C. Bring your experiments here. 2018-10-22 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-02
Audio Gather and incubate new features and requirements for the Web Audio API. 2018-10-28 revisit in January actively meeting in 2020 2019-10-02
BD Comics Manga The mission of the BD Comics Manga Community Group (*) is to study and document, for all kinds of visual narratives expressed digitally, a common conceptual model and associated sets of controlled values. 2018-10-31 presented to WAI-CC on 2019-12-08 reviewed 2019-12-18
Voter Decision Systems This community group shall advance the theory and practice of decision-making software and decision support systems for use by citizens during voting-related and civic participation activities. 2018-11-27 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-09
Notation 3 (N3) further development, implementation, and standardization of Notation 3 - an assertion and logic language - including the N3 Rules language. 2018-11-27 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-09
ARIA and Assistive Technologies his community group is dedicated to: 1. helping assistive technology developers converge on a set of clear norms for baseline support of WAI-ARIA. 2. Helping web developers understand the current state of support for WAI-ARIA by assistive technologies. 2018-11-30 no need to track coordinated with ARIA Integration practices 2019-10-09 The objective of the community group is: to facilitate a consensually agreed route for the conversion and/or mapping of bibliographic data into; 2018-12-04 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-09
web Video Map Tracks (WebVMT) This group aims to encourage uptake of Web Video Map Tracks (WebVMT) to help establish an online ecosystem of users and developers 2018-12-05 revisit if activity reviewed 2019-10-09
Knowledge Graph Construction The overall goal of this community group is to support its participants into developing better methods for Knowledge Graphs construction. Related to R2RML language 2018-01-08 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-09
Computational Legal Description Support Our current focus is: a) the exploration of availability of formal litigations b) specification of the formal means of representation of lawsuit proceedings / legal knowledge. 2019-01-08 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-09
ceddl html attribute-based markup and javascript api Applying lessons learnt by many implementations of Customer Experience Digital Data Layer (CEDDL) and bringing this back into a specification for the browser. 2019-01-08 revisit if activity reviewed 2019-10-09
Schema Extensions for IoT This Community Group is for creating extensions to for IoT use cases. 2019-01-17 assigned-RQTF (if activity) reviewed 2019-10-09
MathML Extensions his group will focus on changes to the MathML 3 recommendation so that it better aligns with the current web environment, eases the burden on browser implementations, and increases support for assistive technology. 2019-01-24 no need to track There is already disability participation 2019-09-03
Talent MarketPlace Signaling The goal of the Talent Marketplace Signaling (TalentSignal) Community Group is to assist in improving workforce signaling by refining existing types serving the talent pipeline and suggesting new types and properties where improved signaling cannot otherwise be achieved. 2019-02-06 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-09
SVG The mission of this group is to gather and incubate new features and requirements for SVG — making it easier for software developers and content creators in the SVG community to engage with the SVG standardization process. 2019-02-13 no need to track reviewed 2019-10-09
Knowledge Domain Exploring effective architectural and best practices support for publishing content on, and author content for the web effectively expressing knowledge domain specific content according to standard practices in that knowledge domain discipline. 2019-02-13 watching reviewed 2019-12-18
Conversational Interfaces The mission of the Conversational Interfaces Community Group is to enable web developers to collaborate and share conversational experiences for a variety of domains. 2019-02-28 take to WAI-CC reviewed 2019-12-18
SPARQL 1.2 aims to create consensus and understanding of the impact of new features with special emphasis on features that leave existing SPARQL 1.1 queries and systems unchanged. 2019-03-29 no need to track reviewed 2019-12-18
ACT Rules an open forum set up to document and harmonise the interpretation of W3C accessibility standards, such as WCAG and WAI-ARIA, for testing purposes. 2019-04-04 no need to track - heavily A11y representation reviewed 2019-12-18
Functional Knowledge Graph create specifications for encoding ontologies that AI Assistants can operate upon enabling them to execute functions embedded in a web page. 2019-04-16 no need to track reviewed 2019-12-18
Chemistry for the Web and Publishing focus on moving beyond simply providing images of Chemistry content on the web and in published materials to a semantically rich form that will work for everybody, including persons with disabilities. 2019-05-14 revisit reviewed 2019-12-18
EVM improve the specification of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, extend it, and promote its adoption for use cases including public & private blockchains and sidechains, trusted computing, and enterprise usage. 2019-05-14 no need to track - closed 2019-10-01 due to lack of participants reviewed 2019-09-03
Graph Standardization take the output from the recent W3C Graph Data Workshop and develop a strategy for how the work should move ahead. Use cases, business needs, tech. work needed within W3C 2019-05-27 no need to track reviewed 2019-09-03
Entity Reconciliation developing a web API that data providers can expose, which eases the reconciliation of third-party data to their own identifiers. OpenRefine's reconciliation API is used as a starting point. 2019-06-11 no need to track reviewed 2019-12-18
Semantic Industries Researchers are interested in understanding the actual needs of industrial partners, gathering use cases and example data, and clarifying the challenges that further research can help address, as well as refining the methodologies for developing semantic based solutions. Syncing that with industry and developers 2019-06-11 no need to track reviewed 2019-12-18
Digital Identity mission is to identify and resolve real world identity issues, to explore and build a more secure trusted digital identity ecosystem on internet for people, organizations and things fully controlling, protecting and expressing their identity. 2019-06-20 take to WAI-CC in January 2020 reviewed 2019-12-18
zot protocol To standardize the Zot protocol currently used in Hubzilla and Zap, and to push its adoption for social web. (Zot The novel JSON-based protocol for implementing secure decentralised communications and services. It differs from many other communication protocols by building communications on top of a decentralised identity and authentication framework. The authentication component is similar to OpenID conceptually but is insulated from DNS-based identities.) 2019-06-27 no need to track reviewed 2019-12-18
Design Tokens The Design Tokens Community Group's goal is to provide standards upon which products and design tools can rely for sharing stylistic pieces of a design system at scale. 2019-07-31 no need to track reviewed 2019-12-18
Web Certificate API The goal of Web Certificate API Community Group is to provide a JavaScript API for certificate related operations in web applications, such as retrieving a list of certificates, obtaining a public key and a private key associated with a certificate. 2019-09-02 no need to track reviewed 2019-12-18
name and link description creation data info status yyyy-mm-dd

Community Groups the APA WG hopes to track but isn't sure if it will live or not so wants to recheck

Updated with status as of Sept. 4, 2019

Community Groups the APA WG hopes to actively track

Updated with status as of Sept. 4, 2019

  • Credible Web - faily active in 2018, minimal ML activity in 2019
  • Web Payments and Commerce Accessibility - working with Web Commerce - no chair, 50 ML entries since July, 2017
  • Web Commerce - Janina - closed August, 2019
  • Synchronized Multimedia for Publications - Janina - 40 ML entries since Jan 2018
  • Audio Description - Janina - 60 ML entries since May 2018
  • EPUB 3 - MC: maybe, or maybe direct ARIA and WAI IG to it - active ML
  • WebVR - MC: probably should follow though unclear if the CG is really active, and there is now a WG also - active ML
  • Blockchain - ask WAI-IG for help@@ - active in 2017, minimal ML activity in 2018, 2019
  • Getting Math onto Web Pages - many of our people are in it@@ - somewhat active, although less so in 2019, Joanie may have more info
  • Voice Interaction - probably mainly interested in their output@@ - minimally active, <70 ML entries since June 2016
  • Web of Things - large group but no recent activity; per July 25 2018 meeting, keep monitoring - minimal ML entries since November 2016
  • Web-based Signage - Robert Pearson - minimal ML activity since Dec 2017 (since mostly just about TPAC attendance)
  • Web Payments - if UI defined; very active; also working closely with Web and Mobile IG - fairly active ML
  • Second Screen Presentation - Media sub-group interested; address in use cases; - active ML although CG page not updated recently
  • Credentials - Shane participating - active ML
  • - Shane participating; we have an interest in suggesting they adopt role values; Rich Schwerdtfeger and Matt Garrish doing related work; may relate to IndieUI: User Context or its descendants; may relate to DPub - active ML
  • Automotive Ontology - may relate to Driverless Accessibility User Requirements - Not very active ML, some discussion in March 2019
  • Web Platform Incubator - <100 ML entries since July, 2015; recent ones are about TPAC participation
  • Music Notation - Janina to track. - ML activity in spurts since August 2015

Community Groups the APA WG thinks might need examination later

Community Groups whose output might interest us

Community Groups the APA WG thinks do not need to be followed

Community Groups the APA WG wanted to follow but doesn't seem valuable to

Community Groups the PF meant to track but are known to be closed