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Web-based Signage Business Group

The Web-based Signage Business Group is aimed at companies and organizations interested in the standardization of Web based digital signage. The goal of the group is to identify use cases and system image/model for expansion of web browser based digital signage and smarter integration of existing Web standards.

Note: Community Groups are proposed and run by the community. Although W3C hosts these conversations, the groups do not necessarily represent the views of the W3C Membership or staff.

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Introducing IAdea

I am proud to join the W3C Web-based Signage Business Group on behalf of IAdea, a veteran digital signage media appliance company that has long been devoted to promoting W3C standards for digital signage.

I represent IAdea as founding member of the Digital Signage Standards Committee at POPAI, a global retail advertising trade organization. There we produced the industry’s first content format standards. I am also currently the Chair of the Digital Signage Multimedia Association (previously known as the DS-SIG), a trade organization in Taiwan representing over 140 member companies. We played a part in the birth of Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification for digital signage applications.

IAdea’s products use W3C SMIL standard for playlist scheduling, and HTML5 for content programming. We have lots of industry experience to share working with leading software companies including Scala, SignChannel, signagelive, etc. (see our representative list of leading partner companies) and driving them to adopt W3C standards for digital signage. We also license our technology to a large number of hardware OEM brands  to enable them to take advantage of W3C open standards.

IAdea wishes to learn from and contribute to this exciting and fast growing community.

John C. Wang
CEO, IAdea Corporation
Chair, Digital Signage Multimedia Association
Founding Member, POPAI Digital Signage Standards Committee


I’m Toshi from KDDI Corporation.

I hope many companies join DigitalSignage business easily and expand market for DigitalSignage.To do so, I believe web technologies is necessary.

I am looking forward to discuss what kind of web technologies we need with many people.

Thank you,


W3C Workshop on Web-based Signage

Workshop on Web-based Signage will be held in Japan on 14 – 15 June 2012.
We will share perspectives, business use cases, and technology requirements at the workshop. See the Call for Paper for more details.

* Call for Paper

We welcome many people to participate in the workshop.

Thank you.

Welcome to Web-based Signage Business Group


I’m Futomi Hatano from Newphoria Corporation.

I’ve organized Web-based Signage Business Group because I want to expand existing digital signage market using web technologies.

At first, I would like to discuss use cases of web-based signage. What kind of use cases should be considered? What functionalities are needed for web-based signage? What kind of APIs are needed? I would like to hear your thoughts.

I hope that you will be joining the BG.

Thank you.