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Welcome to Web-based Signage Business Group


I’m Futomi Hatano from Newphoria Corporation.

I’ve organized Web-based Signage Business Group because I want to expand existing digital signage market using web technologies.

At first, I would like to discuss use cases of web-based signage. What kind of use cases should be considered? What functionalities are needed for web-based signage? What kind of APIs are needed? I would like to hear your thoughts.

I hope that you will be joining the BG.

Thank you.

2 Responses to Welcome to Web-based Signage Business Group

  • Web-based signage provides the means for communication and control between a content management system and playback devices. Two categories of APIs are needed to facilitate this: playlist management and content authoring. For playlist management, we recommend using the W3C SMIL standards. For content authoring, we recommend using HTML5.


    • Futomi Hatano

      Thank you for joining us.
      As you mentioned, for Web-based signage, playlist management and content authoring are key points. Further more, communications between playback devices and personal devices such as smart phones are important. We’ve got many topics.
      For playlist management, W3C SMIL standards are nice candidates.
      We will start to discuss actively after the workshop.
      I’d like to hear your proposals in detail at the workshop.
      I’m looking forward to seeing you.



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