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MathML Refresh Community Group

MathML first became a W3C recommendation in 1998. It has wide support in the publishing industry and with assistive technology. MathML has had several updates, but is showing its age and needs to be updated. This group will focus on changes to the MathML 3 recommendation so that it better aligns with the current web environment, eases the burden on browser implementations, and increases support for assistive technology. The group will propose a new revision for MathML, potentially with profiles for browsers, publishers, and other subgroups such as authors or online tests. The group will also develop tests so that authors/publishers can be confident that what they see as an author is what the user will see as a reader when the same font is used. Participation is encouraged if you are in involved in publishing, authoring, or rendering math. The group strongly encourages the participation of those involved with browser implementations, recommendations, and APIs that potentially affect the rendering of math.


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