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Vocabularies for big data analysis Community Group

This group discusses semantic ontologies for the Big Data space. It is supported initially by the H2020 Big Data Europe project. The mission of this group is to cooperate, discuss and agree on semantic vocabularies to support applications in the domain of big data processing. It is a conscious choice to initiate one forum to discuss and agree on various new vocabularies and/or their amendments. With this one group we hope to reach a broader public. The different ontologies have a common aim: describe tools such that they can be reused in semantic empowered applications for big data processing. At launch this will include ontologies for the Docker ecosystem and for Har-files. The former is used for setting up stacks in the Big Data Europe project, the latter for analysing HTTP requests.

Group's public email, repo and wiki activity over time

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Docker Ontology

Docker Ontology

An ‘alpha’ version of the docker ontology can be found on the following github page. Please note that there currently is still a lot of work. Not all links work as is but that will be fixed shortly.  Previously I had copied the entire markdown file in to a WP post and that was clearly a mistake.


I propose that we have all ‘small’ discussions with github issues. Github also provides convenient ways to contribute to the vocabulary through pull requests. And we can still keep all top level discussions on this community forum.


I am planning to add a python script that translates the markdown file to a turtle file. Given that it follows a couple of guidelines with respect to order and titles. That way we can keep the ‘discussable’ format of markdown and already add a turtle version as well.


The docker-compose ontology in the same repository will also be updated shortly.

HAR high level vocabulary

Attached PDF is a high level initial draft to an ontology describing the required namespace to interprete HAR files.  HAR_VocabularySpecification_Draft003  This is not complete and far from final.  We believe it is important that through this group we can establish a common understanding on the basic model for the HAR Namaespace.  At a later stage we can then proceed with the more detailed properties on all the items.

You might have also suggestions on what would be the most convenient way to discuss this.

Thanks for your time and collaboration,