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Touch Events Community Group

The Touch Events community group was formed by members of the Web Events Working Group (responsible for the Touch Events specification) and the Pointer Events Working Group (responsible for the Pointer Events spec). The group's focus is to determine differences in touch event behavior between browsers. The group seeks to form consensus on the best approaches for interoperability outside of what's already standardized. Among the topics in scope for this group: * Defining how touch-action should be implemented in browsers that support touch events; see: * Defining the "right" TouchEvent / PointerEvent interaction for both browsers and pointer event polyfills; see: * Trying to form consensus on how exactly browsers should behave in sending touch events when scrolling starts (f.ex. see the following public-webevents thread: * Identifying other differences that exist between these events. * Discussing problems web/framework developers have with the design of touch events; see: * Define "mappings" between Touch Events and Pointer Events; for example, see: * Define the relationships between touch-pointer-mouse. The group also expects to make proposals for potential future standards.


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