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Federated Identities for the Open Web Community Group

The mission of this group is to propose new APIs that allow for secure identity federation across domains on the open web.

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I scheduled a meeting of the W3C Federated Social Web
Community Group at TPAC 2016. the meeting is also open for  Federated Identities for the Open Web Community Group.

The meeting is at




happy to see you at TPAC.


Welcome to Federated Identities for the Open Web

The intent here is to conceptualize and propose open APIs that will help us solve an age old problem, openly federating identities on the web.

We will be discussing existing APIs that may partially solve this problem today and how those API might be expanded to solve larger problems when federating user IDs on the web. We might also be discussing how we might design a new approach.

Join us!

Discussions will be held mainly through the public mail list. To join the public mailing list (highly recommended) please do so here or by clicking the link to the left.

Some basic CG guidelines:

  • The blog should be used for news and events and not for general discussion
  • The public mail list should be used for general discussion
  • The wiki should be used to create the final API design after consensus on the API design has been reached.
  • All code and concepts will be governed by the W3C Community Contributor License Agreement (CLA)