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Ubiquitous Application Design Community Group

People are looking to use applications and services on a ubiquitous range of devices. For developers, this raises the challenge of tailoring the user experience according to the device and context in which it is used. Application development teams involve a wide range of roles and skills: business requirements, information systems, usability and accessibility, graphical design and brand management, as well as the expertise required for specific target platforms. This Community Group seeks to bring together developers and researchers to explore and promote techniques for context aware design that separates out different aspects of design to speed development and reduce costs. We will do this through gathering and discussing techniques, together with developing open source demonstrators.

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Welcome to the Ubiquitous Application Design Community Group!

We’re just getting started and looking for suggestions as to how to progress.  Please use the mailing list to circulate your ideas and bounce them off others. Please use the wiki to collect information relating to context aware design, e.g. examples of adaptation in applications, examples of existing design tools, and ideas for future tools.  There is already some content in the wiki and we expect to grow this considerably over the next few weeks. We’re also looking for volunteers to act in the role of chairs.  Looking forward to working with you all!